a coherent thought

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a coherent thought

I don’t think I’ve had a coherent thought, beyond ‘go to sleep’ and ‘holy cow, cheese scones have a lot of calories in them,’ all day.

I was up numerous times in the night trying to calm down Louis who has picked up some nasty cough and was quite wheezy. I had trouble sleeping to begin with and then had to get up to feed Elena a couple of times as well… it all added up to a pathetic smidgen of sleep.

So today was pretty much a write-off from the beginning. The overall goal: sleep.

But Elena isn’t having that. I think I got a nap this afternoon but it felt like I was woken just after I nodded off. The clock tells me differently, but my head doesn’t believe it.

Right now Louis is playing happily on the couch, and Elena is bouncing/dancing in the Jolly Jumper to a little Billy Joel. I sat down to work on my chapter one fix-ups. I got some great advice and ideas from The Other Writer’s Group on Saturday night and now I just need to apply it. I need to find a smooth way to integrate a few tit-bits about the exact setting and circumstances of the opening scene so that it makes more sense. It seemed easy at the outset, but sitting down ten minutes ago I drew a whole lot of blanks.

So I wrote this instead. Perhaps I’ll make another coffee and try again once Elena has gone down for a nap.

At least Louis is a placid invalid. That should be conducive to productivity. I doubt he’ll be going to nursery tomorrow. My chances of finishing this draft by Friday are not looking great. But I’m too tired to care.

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October 16, 2012 at 7:37 pm

Hang on in there…