I was woken this morning by the sound of breaking breakfast bowl, shortly followed by “No! We don’t throw!”

We brought four of these funky blue and white rice bowls over from NZ. One got cracked a month or two ago and now it holds Louis’ crayons. After this morning, we just have two left. I’m just glad Louis’ breakfast was dry cheerios. Luuk tells me Louis was putting a cheerio on top of each spoonful of yoghurt. Cute. Shame about the casualty.

Despite the dramatic beginning we’ve had a lovely, leisurely day. Luuk and I spent much of it reading, sitting out on the deck, feet up… And that’s where the second crash of the day occurred. Luuk had his favourite coffee cup balanced perfectly on the wall edging the deck. I put my glass up on the wall beside me, balanced it, relaxed: a very convenient sideboard. The weather has been hot, so I was thirsty. I drank my water. I returned my glass to its place.

It slipped; hit the deck. Shattered.

Almost dropped several other things in the course of the day. Managed not to, somehow. But crockery isn’t the only thing tumbling around here.

We took a picnic lunch to Parc Heller today. It was perfect. We ate our lunch by the lake, then Louis and Luuk fed the leftovers to the ducks.

Louis spent most of the rest of the time chasing his ball around the gravelly vicinity of the playground.

He was the third thing to tumble today. Gave himself a nasty shock, and put a red graze-patch on his cheek – the same cheek he landed on when he body-rolled at the playground earlier in the week. Luuk checked him over and cleared all other blemishes – jam left over from lunch rather than bloody cuts. So he’s fine. Was back to exploring the gravel and chasing his ball within a few minutes.

Also had a glorious time on the swings.

But then some other kids came nearby with their ball and Louis got distracted. A ball trumps everything.

Luuk and Louis had biked to the park – I met them there with the picnic. But I wanted to try out the bike with Louis’ seat on the front… no pictures of this feat, unfortunately, but I did squeeze on, my belly up against the back of Louis’ seat. Biked to the edge of the Parc then handed over the reigns and walked the rest of the way. Managed to beat the boys home (I’d boast of a great sense of direction, except that I mistakenly took a circuitous route on my way to the park…)

Louis napped away the remainder of the afternoon. Luuk finished his book and then did the same – noteworthy, as Luuk rarely naps. I was the only one not napping today. Got dinner organised before we went to church – a real treat to come home and have only a couple of last things to do before serving up a fresh, healthy, flavourful meal.

So, it’s Sunday evening and we’re determined to have an early night – always a challenge when we don’t get home from church till after 7.30pm. Sunday evening can be poisoned by Monday’s imminent arrival sometimes, but not in May, not in France. Tomorrow is another holiday! Luuk is off to the Netherlands in the late afternoon – has a client to see on Tuesday. It’s his last trip before the baby comes… so long as the baby doesn’t come between now and then. I’ve been aching in all the places that contractions ache: lower back, lower abdomen, etc. Walking to the park today was one long (500 metre) mission – these hips don’t lie: I’m at capacity. Can’t be long now. But it’d be good if it weren’t till Wednesday, at least.

Loving the summer weather, except for when I’m too hot to sleep. During the sermon this evening – on pentecost Sunday nonetheless – there were numerous peals of thunder. Very cool. A few spits of rain, but all dried up before we came out of church. Crazy weather.

I realised as we got in the car: not once, though the thunder rumbles deep and low in just the right way, not once did I think there might be an earthquake. Not even for a fraction of a second. Four months since we left Christchurch and I might finally be losing the neuroses. Meanwhile, Christchurch is rattling and rolling still – though my parents assure me that the quakes of the past week or two haven’t been that bad – I’ve had numerous geonet tweets reminding me that for some the neuroses are alive, and well, and well-justified.