I never did quite get to doing a christmas letter last year… no grand surprise. Instead, we put together a variation on the 12 days of christmas, highlighting bits of our life, especially around christmas time…

so here it is! A christmas not-letter… in february. Voila.

As to an actual update and summary of the past year… I’ll get to work on that. I had grand plans to do it yesterday evening but, in a lovely turn of events, we spent the evening at our kiwi friends’ place.

Louis and his buddy Iosua… gon’ride!

The kids ran about like mad things and us grown-ups enjoyed a sushi feast and a cool new-to-us board game called ‘Dixit‘. It won the Spiel de Jahres (top notch german board game award) in 2010 and fair enough – great for a group, easy to learn, adaptable to a variety of ages and personalities (a software engineer, an inventor-sewing-entrepreneur/primary-teacher, a rugby player, and a writer/secondary-teacher… in this instance) and I won! So obviously it’s a good ‘un.

Between french homework and lesson, socialising, and doing my head in wrestling with video and slideshow software (linux and windows do not play nice… or is it just me?) I got no writing at all done yesterday. I thought about a small stone but, confession: I’m just writing it now. My last one for the January Mindful Writing Challenge…

suddenly in sync
kids without intent, a game 
invented – the joy! 

2 thoughts to “A year today!

  • Wiedie

    Awesome job on the 12 days of christmas! Was that one take? I’m impressed 🙂

    • amy

      One take but not the first 😀
      thanks! xx

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