About Me

I am a writer, mum, occasional teacher, informal student (of french and theatre and interesting stuff I see on Brain Pickings) and I occasionally paint or mosaic something. I do a lot of laundry.

I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. We lived for three years in France, not far south of Paris, on a cobbled street. But we’re back in the antipodes and loving our first very-own-home.

Christchurch is home; it’s where Luuk and I met, married and had Louis. Elena was born in France.

I grew up in Auckland, NZ, then moved to Christchurch as a teenager. I’ve always loved writing but didn’t try for a novel till I was fifteen, and didn’t succeed in finishing one till several years later. I started painting in my final year of high school and have gone back to it again and again ever since.

I trained as a high school teacher and worked for a few years teaching English, Media Studies and Social Studies, in Rangiora – a small town just north of Christchurch. I stopped teaching when Louis was born and returned to writing with gusto. And then Elena was on the way, and then we moved to France.

Living on the other side of the globe from all my friends and family, I relied more on the internet for connection and I started following a lot of writers. I realised that this writing shtick isn’t for the casual part-timers. If I wanted to do it well, I needed to commit. So, I decided to write every day. Childcare was readily available and not expensive. The kids were good nappers. Shortly after Elena was born, I got back to it, and I haven’t stopped since (except for international relocations).

And now we’re back in NZ and the kids are happy at kindy, and I get more than two hours at a time to work and write and think and read and edit. I joined the NZ Society of Authors and now I chair the Canterbury branch. I started working with a literary agent in 2016 and I’ve had some success locally with my poetry.

You can contact me at amy.paulussen@gmail.com,

or find me on Twitter as @AmyPaulussen

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