We’ve added Mum to the mix this week. She’s been stellar at helping out with the kids, the laundry, the dishes, the babysitting… she even ironed.

And then we added two of Luuk’s cousins to our house-party, and it got a little crazy; the brief and great fun type of crazy.

I’ve been to Paris too many days in a row… something I thought I’d never say.

On Thursday morning Mum and I took the kids to walk the Promenade Plantes, a disused railway viaduct, now a walkway planted with gardens, winding from Bastille all the way to Bois de Vincenne (ie. the eastern edge of Paris.)

Louis cycling Promenade PlantesLouis cycling along Promenade Plantes, with Mum, me and Elena in tow.

On Friday afternoon, after dropping Louis off at the halte garderie, we waited a long time for the train… and then went to explore Ile de Cite. Mum particularly wanted to visit the old flower markets. We cooled off with a pomme myrtle (apple blueberry) smoothie and Elena lapped up the citronnade maison (home made lemonade).

On Saturday we headed for the Centre Pompidou, a museum of modern art which Luuk’s cousins were keen to see. We’d never been before so we all went together, taking in all the wonderful wonders and the crazier crazies.

cool cave with the cousins, at centre pompidou

A cool cave-like artwork at Centre Pompidou, and Luuk’s cousins.

shadow art at centre pompidou

Shadow art!

Paris when it sizzles

After we’d had our fill, we meandered our way from the art gallery to Ile St Louis for an icecream, and then I went to writers’ group and the others returned home. Later in the evening, Luuk and his cousins returned to Paris and met up with the post writers’ group drinks crowd. We had Sushi for dinner at 10pm. It doesn’t get much more Parisian than that.

It’s been a great few days, but I’m tired of the train, and I’m tired of making the kids take the train, at least half an hour there and half an hour back again. They’re mostly very good but it’s not easy on their attention spans. It was lovely to stay home today, venturing only to the market for groceries.

This week the 100 Days Project began, a creative venture I’ve loved being a part of the last couple of years. So, here I go again. This year I’m doing book cover design: for books I have written, am writing, will write… books I might never write. But I will design a book cover every day, for 100 days. Three down, and plenty to go, and plenty of room for improvement.

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I’m posting daily, or that’s the idea, over at It Could be a Book.