Luuk was away, working in Milan, for three days this week. The temperature was up near 35°C every day and the kids were seriously out of sync with their sleeps. I got Louis an extra session at halte garderie, just to give me a little more space, but as he wouldn’t sleep when he needed to, he was shattered after nursery and fell asleep before dinner.

The next day he got sent home with a fever. No obvious illness, but 39°C of grumpy. It was so stinking hot I had all the shutters and windows shut from midday till five, and we just hid from the heat.

I made very slow progress on my editing…

The evenings, once it started to cool down, once the kids were in bed, were divine. But getting them to sleep was never more difficult. They wanted Dad, they wanted to stop sweating, Louis wanted to get up and discovered that needing the toilet would guarantee I’d let him… the first half-dozen times, at least.

Luuk got back late on Thursday evening and we sat on the balcony with icy lemonade, and caught up. I’m so very glad I don’t have to do this on my own. It was much harder to stick to our routines and rules without the accountability of another adult, and one who is on the same page… makes such a big difference. Of course, with the heat and some kind of illness (and Elena teething too) there was plenty of reason for it to be a rough week, with or without Luuk. But yay for Luuk. Two adults to two kids is my kind of ratio.

And yay for Luuk for another reason too: he read one of my novels-in-progress and I’ve got his edits to do this week.

Cousins from the Netherlands are visiting this weekend, which is great, and not only because there are more eyes to keep on Elena. The kid is now traversing the furniture, clambering from one chair to another, couch to table, bouncing and wriggling and occasionally tumbling. Madness. Walking is such a dull way to get from one side of the room to another.

Today we will show off our local market and sample the fare (ie. picnic lunch perhaps) and then head to Paris, possibly to Canal St Martin. (But every time we plan to go there we end up elsewhere…)

We’ll see.