Today feels like a slice of ordinary, only it’s not. Luuk goes back to work on Thursday and that’s when I’ll get a taste of the new normal. Mum and Dad left for Ohio this morning. They’ll be back in just over a week but they won’t be staying with us. We’re back in our own bed tonight and what I’m most excited about is that Elena won’t be in our room with us. Babies can be noisy when they’re sleeping. Other than having her in with us, living in the lounge has been all good – no problem. And actually, they do recommend sharing a room with a newborn – but I suspect that’s for the health/well-being of the newborn, not the sleep quality of the parents.

This ordinary-ish day began with feeding Elena. I think I’m right in the assumption that this is a definite part of the new normal.

Luuk and Louis get cleaned up and dressed, then breakfast and, for Louis, another clean-up. Then it’s nap time for both babies and (please let this become normal) they both went down in the same room, pretty much at the same time, and managed to sleep. At one point one cried out and woke the other, but without parental interference they both went back to sleep. Lovely.

And so did I. Had my breakfast, and shower, and then went back to bed. Had a lovely long sleep till it was time to feed Elena again. By the time she was finished Louis was up and so we headed down to the market. Not feeling quite up to taking both kids to town by myself yet, so it was good to have Luuk along. I had Elena in the baby sling/front-pack thing.

We got our fruit (cheap apricots – yum!) and veg (fancy mushrooms – exciting) then headed to the fromagerie… my first time allowed to eat ‘lait cru’ – raw milk. The fromagerie world was my oyster. Got some roquefort (blue sheep’s milk cheese), and some comte (most popular cheese in France – kind of cheddar-like), and something else I’ve already forgotten the name of. Next stop was a stall selling loads of different types of olives and other Mediterranean yummies (for those of us who don’t like olives). Got me some hummus and dolmades. Skipped the cream cheese stuffed peppers – cheaper at the supermarket.

Went to the bakery next, and finally the play ground. Poor Louis, in the pushchair for most of the time he’s awake, and then he gets to the playground and he’s too hungry to hang around for long.

But he got himself well-sandy before we headed home for lunch. PB&J for the wee man, hummus and four types of cheese on fresh baguette for us grown-ups. We offered it to Louis. He passed. Tried hummus and made an interesting face. Ate most of his slice of comte, but I think he prefers supermarket-Gouda. Fine by me – it’s cheaper.

The babies are asleep again and Luuk and I are laxing out, watching a few episodes of ‘The Wire’. Might do some writing this afternoon, though I might be multi-tasking at the time. So I’ll move my story forward but the writing could be average. If ‘The Wire’ has any influence then the language will be fouler than usual.

I’m enjoying the lazy days. Yesterday we did similar, Luuk and I – television and food, looking after babies, and that’s about it. We were, in part, recovering from a full-on Sunday. We went to Paris to visit friends.

Had a fantastic feast of lunch then I napped on their spare bed, with a restless Elena, while everyone else went to this kids park at Bois de Boulogne – the Jardin d’acclimatation.

Everyone got thoroughly worn out but had a blast. Didn’t leave Paris till after nine but it’s so light that it doesn’t seem so late.

We all needed a quiet one on Monday. Mum and Dad went all the way to Paris to sort out some of their tickets for later legs of their travels. Luuk and Louis did a mammoth bike ride. Elena and I stayed home and I tried not to lose my cool when she refused to sleep un-accompanied. I managed a few hundred words of my novel with her propped up beside me on the sofa. But then she did a giant poo and my  writing took a similar turn.  I tried to put her down for her nap but she just cried. I played ‘bejeweled blitz’ on facebook. I used to do this when Louis was crying himself to sleep. The games last one minute – forcing me to sit and wait a little rather than responding immediately to every little peep. Time goes into this insane crawl when there’s a baby crying. It feels like you’ve waited five, ten minutes but then you look at the clock and it’s been one minute, two tops.

But bejeweled didn’t do the job yesterday afternoon. I wasn’t handling it well at all by the time everyone else came home.

She had a decent sleep in the evening, on Luuk’s chest, while he watched an Euro2012 game. And then, thank God, she went down a treat after her dream-feed. She woke once in the night, around three, and then I woke her at half-seven this morning. I suppose if she must be infuriatingly wakeful then at least she does it in the daytime.

I’m also feeling pretty good today because I fit another pair of jeans. I squeezed into these with the help of sucky-inny-granny-pants eight weeks after Louis was born. Elena is all of 12 days old and I’m in them easy, without elastic aid.

Perhaps should limit my cheese and baguette intake if I want to keep going the way I’m going…


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  • Celia Glasser

    Beautiful photo of you, with Elena in the sling at the top of the page xoxo

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