… there was glitter. And tears. And we’ll get to that.

This month I am undertaking The Christmas Challenge: to do one (ideally creative) christmassy thing with the kids each day between the 1st and 25th of December.

So far…

December 1st: A christmas story.

Disclaimer: this is the first time Luuk has ever seen this book. His french is pretty good, usually.

Key vocabulary:

Noel: christmas

Sapin: christmas tree (sapling, I guess)

Cadeau: gift

Ah, that’ll do.


December 2nd: A christmas tree.

Luuk discovered a tent full of REAL christmas trees in the parking lot around the side of the supermarket. Handy, right? Only good luck fitting it in the car with two children’s seats in the back. So he went and picked out the tree on his own, but when he got it home…

Sitting on it’s ‘sac sapin’ – in which we can throw it all away when the season is over – is our first ever real christmas tree! First things first: tinsel.

Next up: baubles. Which bounce really well, it turns out, and look a lot like balls. Louis managed to break the hook off one as soon as we started – so that’s the ONE he is allowed to play with. All others must stay on the tree… mind you, as we stepped back to admire our lights later on we discovered nine baubles on the sac sapin. Hm…

We tried to get everyone involved.

Look, Elena. It’s shiny!

After church on Sunday evening (which was also very christmassy with ‘advent’ hymns – different to christmas carols, turns out) we turned on the lights.


December 3rd: A christmas angel.

On Sunday evening at church, Louis coloured in an angel, all ready to be cut out and mounted on the tree. Today I picked up some glitter glue, to finish him off (the angel, not Louis).

Louis preferred to choose the colour and direct me where to glitter-glue. He was rather annoyed at the pens as they kept rolling around on the table. Until they were under control there would be no more decorating.

So we got the pens a cup to live in. And then back to work.

Elena’s contribution: hand print angel-wings

All finished! A bit of snipping and double sided tape later, and voila.

Not bad, eh? So far the angel is the only non-store-bought ornament. Twenty two days to go. Watch this space.

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    enjoyed reading your stuff Amy…And seeing your folks again…and Ian’s graduation. love K

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