Mum and Dad got in Tuesday evening. Thanks to confusing date-line and travel time information (and the strange absence of emailed copies of flight itineraries… very odd behaviour for us organised Blythe women) I was expecting them on Wednesday evening and wondering what in the world they’d be doing for several days between New Zealand and France.

Anyway, so they got in pretty late in the evening – a lovely surprise for Louis in the morning.

We wisely had a quiet day… why wise? Because 24 hours later as I write this I’m timing my blogging so that its between contractions.

Our quiet day did involve a walk down to Antony – bakery, library, boucherie, and the supermarket.

Not much more to tell – the true test of a lazy day.

And on that note I’m off to have a baby. I suspect things are moving faster than last time. Contractions are 6-8 mins apart but varying in intensity – some are horrible, others are really really horrible. And this is just the early stages… probably.

Bonne Courage!