We had a lovely weekend in Dijon, while the kids stayed home and had a lovely weekend with Brendan and Erin.

Luuk, in Dijon, France

Luuk, wandering the streets of Dijon.

We ate multi-course meals at a leisurely pace, took our time in museums, slept in, and only stopped for nap time because we wanted to. It was our first night away from the kids together and it was great fun.

On Wednesday night we’ll pack up the car and head off to Bretagne for eight days of sight-seeing and seafood, and with any luck some family fun. The region is famously beautiful when it rains… and since it’s raining here too, we might as well go to where the rain is pretty.

I’ve been putting photos up on my facebook and twitter feed, and will continue to do so. I’m not going to write a whole travel-log post on either of these trips, probably. Just some long, chatty captions, perhaps.

In the meantime, Louis has two days of school, and Elena’s not having any halte garderie. She still hasn’t got visible chicken pox, but there’s a lengthy incubation period so it’s probably still coming. She’s staying home rather than spreading it around, and we are continuing with the potty training. Fun fun fun…

Five signs you’re in the home of a potty-trainer:

1. The floor is cleaner than you’ve ever seen it. (Don’t think about why.)

2. There are lots of towels on the line. And in the laundry pile. And possibly smack-bang in the middle of that vast, clean floor. (Too late, you thought about why.)

3. The toilet paper has been rolled up. As in, it was at some point unraveled and then re-rolled.

re-rolled loo paper


Dry and safe, but disconcerting, nonetheless.

4. Sticker chart(s) on the fridge.

5. Bare-bummed kids are a dead give-away. Otherwise, watch out for those brand new packets of tiny knickers, all ready to go (long before the kid is.)

What’s worse is that you’ll never need these five signs because we’re probably talking about potty training. Sorry.

Now, I’ve got laundry to do, and also a little bit of planning: got to get my head around a few little writing projects I can do during kids’ nap times, and possibly while we’re on the road, over the next couple of weeks.