I haven’t taken a proper break from writing since… I started. I mean, I’ve moved countries and had babies, but actually in both cases kept at it, pretty much, as best I could. This summer I took an actual three week break from my novel manuscripts.

I made mosaics.

mosaic lady

I did a bit of gardening – very unlike me.

I read a stack of books – less unlike me.

Okay, I did write, but I played with a bit of poetry instead of my usual long-form-prose. I got Stephen Fry’s book, ‘The Ode Less Traveled’, for Christmas. I’m learning all about the different rhythms and metres and rhyme schemes, and there are writing exercises, and I’ve been having a ball. I know, I’m such a nerd.

But here’s today’s sampling – a little bit nerd and a little bit democracy in action… an attempt at RHYME ROYAL (that is iambic pentameter with a rhyme scheme of ABABBCC… for those of you who are interested… all three of you.)


Let’s see some RIGHT and HONOURABLE

Just days before Waitangi Day they sign
away our sovereignty to join the club
Don’t get me wrong, we make a nice white wine,
but in the scheme of things we’re just a bub
to be proud of and protect, aye there’s the rub.
They’ll homogenise the world to make a buck.
I’m worried my P.M. don’t give a duck.

Now there’s a thought – diversify! Farm ducks,
milk sheep and goats, make cheese unpasteurised.
Stop doing what they want – make your own luck.
Trust teachers, feed original young minds,
make good art, save the world, don’t super-size,
don’t strip mall, strip club, strip away bizarre
till all that’s left is cheap and bulk, banal.

Please check your job description, Mr Key,
the people are your first priority.


Okay, so the rhyme got a little less-than perfect in the second verse, but I was on a roll. It’s probably too fresh to publish, but I’m standing by it.

It is OF THE MOMENT, if nothing else.

2 thoughts to “bit of a break

  • Erin

    Ah, what beauty is rest.
    And yet even on your break, you were still in art and still using the creative mind. 🙂
    Ideas come from smashing and painting and polishing and politics…
    Now I have to go write some poetry (which, by the by, is entirely your fault, you know) Might even give the Rhyme Royal a try…though more likely it’ll come out ABAB CDCD.

  • Hélène

    If no-one’s snapped up the title already for a campaign/party slogan, perhaps you could offer it?

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