We set off at a leisurely hour (though we’d not had a leisurely morning) on Saturday, Our usual troupe of four plus my folks… very handy when traveling with wee ones.

Dad discovered the best way to speed up matters. Louis, at 22 months, can walk, even run, forward and in a straight line when so inclined… But there’s the rub: inclination.

Four hours on a speedy-mc-speedyson train and, voila, la sud! Toulon to be exact. The kids slept less than we had hoped (Louis not at all) but they were pretty good. The wee man crashed in Mum’s arms while Dad and Luuk were sorting out the rental car, so mum and I high-tailed it to a cafe and Louis slept on a booth seat while I fed Elena. Mum and I drank overpriced water but we were the lucky ones: Luuk and Dad were miles underground in the parking garage wrestling with logic and kids car seats. French cars! Argh! Or perhaps it’s just this particular Citroen…

Bit of stress then a bit of a drive, and then…

… Hello new favorite place in the world.

So that picture pretty much sums up my plans for the week: bronzing and bathing. And what you can’t see, the third B, my book. Or books. I’ve got several going, as always. I’m not sure Les Miserables can be read by a pool in the French riviera without breaching some serious moral or social code.

We have to hide Elena in the shade, but the stones are warm. Lovely.

Louis is loving splashing, not so much immersion. We went to the beach yesterday – the Mediterranean is warmer than our pool, plus there’s sand: a clear winner.

It’s been very relaxing. Lots of lazing about, reading, napping, swimming, a couple of little outings and lots of delicious food.

We have talked tentatively (lazily) about an adventure or two in the next few days – there are natural wonders amongst other things – less natural or less wonder-inspiring but worth visiting nonetheless… But there’s always the chance I just won’t quite make it up off the sun-lounger.