It’s a good idea! This is one of those phrases I’ve mastered in French. Hurrah.

I still have to google-translate a lot though. I use that handy little gadget to check my french emails before I send them. And to figure out what on earth they’re talking about when they get all cute and funny in the french nanowrimo emails…

I’m not writing a novel in French, no. Heck no. But I am all signed up to the French nanowrimo community online, so I’m trying to follow a few conversations and summoning the courage to join in.

Meanwhile, I have an idea… peut etre, une bonne idée…


Lady Ailsa Bolton is the eldest and the last of her sisters to marry… if she marries at all. Surrounded by seemingly cautionary tales, she is cynical about the whole package: Marriage (gambling with happiness, really, and surely one family is enough trouble), child-bearing (life-threatening, potentially heart breaking, certainly back-breaking) and child-rearing (exhausting, easily mismanaged and potentially all consuming) cannot be the only option for a meaningful life. Surely there is an alternative for a resourceful, intelligent young woman in these modern times. Struggling between hope, boredom and restlessness, Lady Ailsa is off to London for her eighth season.

Until very recently David Clark was a bookseller-printer, but to everyone’s surprise (and everyone else’s great curiosity) he is now a fully fledged member of the peerage, the shiny new Earl of Brandon. He has the town house, the country manor, and the fortune to match. The old Earl’s steward has lined up a tailor, a dance tutor and an elocutionist, determined to have the new Earl do the name proud. David Clark is proud of his family business and unwilling to toss away his past life for the sake of a few toffy-nosed hypocrites. Least of all the disarming Lady Ailsa.

And I think I’ve stumbled on a title: An Heir Out of Place

Tehehee, I crack myself up.

Now, as Elena seems to be sleeping (or doing an excellent impression) I’m off for a (fingers crossed) nap.


2 thoughts to “C’est une bonne idée!

  • Roland Clarke

    Outline idea sounds very interesting as do characters driving the plot. Good luck for NaNoWriMo

    • amy

      Thanks! The challenge itself – so many words in so few days – is not so scary any more, but then again last year I only had one child 🙂

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