Chapter one was pretty good. Chapter two needs more work. I’m starting to feel nervous about sharing this around. The writers group might be a bit high-brow for my ever-so-slightly corny romance. I’ll introduce it with a little disclaimer that goes something like this:

Everyone always says how easy it would be to write a mills-and-boon-style romance so I thought I’d give it a go. Forgive the mention of his biceps and her sparkling eyes. That’s the genre.

But figuring out what to take along to writer’s group is tomorrow’s task. Today my brain is all heavy. Full of snot, I suspect. I have a head cold. It’s the first day of the school holidays all over again – as soon as work is finished I get sick. Murphey’s bloody law eh?

I’ve spent much of the day on the sofa. This morning we went to the market with our visitors – helped them to pick out a smorgasbord of french yummies for their dinner tonight. They’re staying in and looking after Louis and Elena so that we can go out for a meal. I just hope I can enjoy it, dosed up on weak-sauce paracetamol because that’s all I’m allowed while breastfeeding.

I had a nap this afternoon – first time in ages. Felt good, though a bit hot. Possibly feverish. Had to get up to feed Elena but watched a few episodes of ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ on DVD, and then some ER on TV – in French. Urgences!

So I’ve had a pretty relaxed day. It’s strange, but feeling this way (scratchy throat, thick head, runny nose, achy and all that) takes me back to when I was a kid. I had colds regularly. I have rather dysfunctional sinuses. For a while I had annual doses of bronchitis. I’m much better than I used to be. Still, cozied up on the sofa, watching TV and feeling like this reminds me of being home from school, plied with hot lemon honey drinks and gingernuts.

I miss gingernuts. I’m starting to miss New Zealand things, and New Zealand in general. Phase two of culture shock, here we come. That’s the sucky bit where ‘home’ is all romanticised and rosey-glowing while the new home has lost it’s exciting newness and settles down into being ordinary and frustrating.

But at least the language is getting easier. Managed the market this morning and a phone call later in the morning – all in french. All while I felt average to lousy.

Breakfast at the market, ca matin.

This afternoon, watching Urgences I could follow some of the conversations… but that could be in part on account of my ER obsession a few years back.

Slowly but surely, making progress – on the French front, on the editing front, and on the baby front: Elena is getting really close to sleeping through the night, and Louis’s tenth tooth is coming through! Ah, they grow up so fast.

You can do it!