We’re enjoying a slice of summer at the moment. The deck is now a part of our living room. Louis and I both got new sandals today – he’ll finally be able to leave the house without socks. Freedom! He’s a kiwi kid, sure, but walking around barefoot in a society where no one does (and there’s very little grass to do it on) seems crazy. Even at the sandpit, all the kids have their shoes on. I wonder if that’ll change as we move into summer proper.

We did a practice run to the hospital this morning – ie. I showed Luuk where it was, and where the maternity ward is. We neither ran, nor practiced anything. In fact we stopped for brunch on the way.

This was just the first course. Once we’d put paid to our crepes, fromage blanc (avec miel or myrtle – honey or black currants), and croissant, the waitress brought out our second course: ham and eggs. I had ordered the fancier meal option and so my eggs were an omelette, and I also got a sausage and some little green pikelets, which tasted a bit like parsley.

Fantastic. Cafe de la Gare, Antony, you have my loyalty. Never have I been disappointed by anything you served up, except the company of smokers… but I’m in France and shall adjust my expectations.

Louis was pretty ready for his morning nap, but nibbled on croissant happily, and when that ran out he played with a Thomas the Tank Engine I found hiding in my bag. Later he took a piece of baguette from our basket (every meal, in France, I tell you!) and nibbled on that till we paid our bill. He’s learning to wait. And walk. Managed most of the way, and was carried mostly because his parents are impatient.

I had to get a blood test – another one! – but that should be the last for my pregnancy. Learned something this week (surprised I didn’t learn it sooner) – the word for ‘pregnancy’ in french is ‘grossesse’. I can’t decide if that sounds horrible, or just plain apt. Most days I feel pretty grossesse. I’m leaning toward apt.

Not sure why exactly, but I crashed hard when I got home. Had to nap. Strange, because I had a good sleep last night. Perhaps it was the big breakfast – we’re out of the habit… assimilating, methinks – all the blood rushed to my stomach, leaving my head sleepy. Perhaps it was having blood taken – though surely two or three vials wouldn’t make me weary. Not sure how many were taken. I don’t like to watch.

Was really lethargic for most of the afternoon. Luuk decided today was the day to reinstall everything on the computer… so I read V for Vendetta and wrote in my journal, watched some TV, and had a little bit of a tidy-up. Sat on the deck with my feet up until I got too warm, then moved inside. An idyllic lazy saturday really. Louis had a long sleep and when he woke we decided to dash to the shops and stock up on a few things – they shut on Sunday. Ended up having pizza, out, for dinner, but bought our dessert home:

We didn’t know what they were when they went in the trolley – couldn’t see in the box – but curiosity won out. Lemons, real ones, full of lemon sorbet! Brilliant. Doesn’t get much more summery than this.

In other news, we now have enough pillows for our guests to use normal (normal in NZ – 45×70) pillows. I’ve lost track of how many people have asked us about visiting. A small handful have actually given us dates and are now marked on our calendar. Please get in touch if you’ll be in Paris in the next three months – we’d love to see you! We may even be able to put you up. Maybe, but not without advance planning. If nothing else, a meal or a day to catch up is always feasible, even if we have a wrinkled new infant very near at hand the entire time.

Now, I’m off to put my feet up and ride out the last of a lovely lazy Saturday … which will hopefully be capped off with a good nights sleep and then a leisurely Sunday.