As many Christchurch participants of NaNoWriMo already know, Lady Talia has stood down as the Municipal Leader for our region. She has contributed much to NaNo over the years, but is now looking forward to spending time with some of her other writing friends in other regions. How she managed on her own for such a large community of writers, one will never know.

Since the earthquakes, the writers within the Christchurch region have become so spread out, living as far north as Pegasus and as far south as Rolleston and Lincoln. To accommodate the growing size of the Christchurch region, two Municipal Leaders have been appointed for the forthcoming 2015 NaNoWriMo.

Christchurch Nanowrimo MLs

Judy Mohr (on the left in the picture) is a writer of fantasy, filled with dark turns, adventurous leaps, not to forget the humour and romance thrown in for good measure. Those involved with the Christchurch Writers’ Guild will know her well, as she is always spreading what tidbits of knowledge she can about her road toward traditional publishing, and frequently asks those hairy questions others are sometimes afraid to ask. She is currently the Guild president and is working toward improving Guild-offered services for Christchurch writers. She is also a member of SpecFicNZ and the Scribophile on-line writing community.

Judy is penning a Adult high fantasy series where a young magician must join her soul with twin warriors or give her enemy the ultimate power: the ability to bring back the dead. However, for this November, she will be putting aside the world of the Signs and the Bleeders, to start work on a Middle Grade science fiction filled with fun characters and deliberate cliches; if Jack O’Neil was a unicorn, he’d be in charge of the Rainbow Squad.

Judy’s NaNoWriMo name, unlike her writing, is not very imaginative. You can find her if you search for “Judy Mohr“. She’s the only one that comes up in the database.

Amy Paulussen (aka sunburntdaisy on NaNoWriMo and on the right in the photo) is a sun-lover, and has wrinkles from all the squinting, because she can’t bear to close the curtain behind her desk. She writes contemporary and historical fiction, love stories with a literary bent. Amy received a complete manuscript assessment from the NZ Society of Authors this year and so she’s in the midst of rewriting ‘Off Camera’, on the advice of a brilliant veteran author and lit agent. Come November, she’ll be writing a historical set right here in Christchurch… fingers crossed it’ll be NZ’s answer to Downton Abbey.

Amy discovered writers’ groups while living in Paris and loves a good write-in and/or a fierce critique sesh. She used to teach English and Media Studies, but then there were babies, and 3 years overseas, and she started writing full-time. Now she does relief at Hagley most days, writing in all the gaps. She calls it word-snatching, types at alarming speeds, but finds good ol’ fashioned pen ‘n paper a good way to tap into some kinda creative-special-reserve. Amy’s on the committee for the Christchurch branch of the NZSA.

Amy and Judy will be working together to ensure that all NaNoWriMo participants throughout the greater Christchurch region get the opportunity to meet with other Christchurch WriMo crazies (I mean writers). Feel free to drop them a line through the NaNoWriMo website, or if you’re on Facebook, make sure you make yourself known through the “NaNoWriMo Christchurch” closed group. Or for those of you on Twitter, use the hashtag #ChChWriMos.

Write-ins will be planned for throughout Christchurch, starting with the kickoff on Saturday, October 31st at Mexicano’s starting at 10:30pm. See you there.