Well, this is a little embarrassing, but the kids are adorable, so voila, the video tour of our place…

Now that we’ve been living here for two months, have passed our three-month inspection (no idea why they did it early, but it was a great kick in the pants to clear up a few junky corners) and all the pictures are on the walls, it’s too late to have a house-warming. Meanwhile, we’re hosting a 3-year-old’s birthday tomorrow, and that’ll sate our appetite for parties for a while, I suspect.

In other news, said 3-year-old, Elena, starts Kindy on Monday, almost full-time, and so I’ll finally have some solid writing time – as well as enough time for a lunch break. Winter has set in. We’ve even set-up the dryer. We are rain-ready in the laundry department, and what-do-you-know? We’ve got fine weather. But not warm. Basically, it’s the perfect weather to cosy-up inside and read or write… or build a slide/trampoline out of mattresses and throw yourself at it.


One thought to “Come on in…”

  • Erin

    Lovely home! Great views there. And yay for a separate laundry room! It’s still so weird to me that it’s winter where you are. 🙂 We just got our portable A/C unit today because it’s starting to get too warm at night to sleep in NM. Enjoy the sunny weather!

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