Elena is crawling! She’s like a tiny sniper, slithering along the floor to capture strategic ground from where she can nab toys, annoying Louis with her faultless aim.

Louis’ stress levels must be going through the roof. But the lump appears to be gone, so hopefully he’ll survive Elena’s developmental milestones.Yesterday I had a brilliant moment (just the one, and I didn’t save it for my writing unfortunately) and fashioned a fort/tunnel out of chairs and a blanket. The kids wouldn’t sleep but they would play happily, and there in the tunnel, we were in the same room but they couldn’t see me, and I managed to get writing done WHILE they were awake! So I suppose, in a way, the brilliant moment was for my writing.

It’s been a slow (a crawling) start this week, on the writing front at least. We left for the netherlands at an unholy (or probably very holy) hour on friday morning, which means the house was a tip. Sunday night, when we got back, it was even worse. Monday morning I did the beginning of a tidy-up (ie. laundry and unpacking and clearing the hallway) and then went to french class. And I didn’t particularly want to come back and deal with the mess so we hung out with friends all afternoon and evening.

learning with friendsLearning with friends (French for the grown ups, and scooter-skills for the kids)

Tuesday the house got a proper do-over. I vacuumed (I generally don’t) and mopped (even rarer). I wrote a blogpost about the weekend. I went to the market for healthy fresh food (including ready-made Moussaka for dinner).

market day with the kidsJust back from the market, with the kids, and a very well-packed buggy. Quite the workout.

And the kids did their incredible tag-team-nap-time thing (one up, one down, rinse and repeat… and I’m not kidding about the rinse bit). Didn’t write a word till evening, which was only possible thanks to the ready-made moussaka.

Part of the problem was that, over the weekend, I had done notes and editing in longhand – on my hard copy draft and in a notebook… and it all felt like a big pile of paper chaos.

Yesterday I finally got to it. And today I will do the last little bit of integrating those notes and hopefully – hopefully! – get to the next scene, which I am switching over from one character’s perspective to another. And it’s a big scene. Very exciting.

But first, I have to re-build the tunnel.

fort slash tunnel