It’s been a busy week – all around the world, no doubt. It’s not just us.

We have had my sister and her husband staying with us over christmas and they just left today. They saw a lot of Paris for their little visit and we did a bit of it with them – which was fab! if a little tiring.

So, to begin with, Christmas!

Due to Louis and Elena’s ignorance about Christmas traditions (namely ripping open presents ASAP at the crack of christmas dawn) we managed to delay presents entirely until we got on skype with my parents. After breakfast.

Half the fun, at least, is in the unwrapping.

Louis got a farm from my folks and it was a hit, right off the bat, despite the absence of horses.

It was a relaxing morning, a leisurely two-course breakfast (documented on another post, of course) and lots of catching up, all around.

 Louis showed Elena how to play with the toy he gave her – yet another giraffe for our collection.

Lots of new books!

Elena possibly had more fun bouncing/dancing than opening presents.

… or perhaps Aunty Hannah was the best christmas present.

On boxing day, which isn’t a public holiday in France, we went to visit Versailles. It was top on Hannah and Will’s Paris to-do list. Good choice, I say. We’d seen the palace before but we went along to see the grounds.

It’ll be fantastic in spring. At the moment all the gardens are pretty much empty, the statues are covered up and the fountains are off. The grandeur and the evergreens remain, and the statues that are usually fountains, they’re still visible!

Louis particularly liked the horses. Imagine that.

Louis walked and walked all afternoon, jumped in puddles and fell over in the mud just once. He threw a lot of stones in a lot of fountains, little rebel, and never once went in himself. Success.

 On Hannah and Will’s last day in Paris we did a bit of Montmarte – Sacre Coeur, the cafe from Amelie, and the Moulin Rouge! But there are far too many photos to squeeze into this post.

Instead, here are a couple from Christmas eve…

Me and my sister (also Elena, hidden from sight)

Check out the view Lou! (Hannah has taken to calling Louis ‘lou’ or even ‘Loulou’…)


We walked down beneath the Eiffel Tower and then all the way up to the Arc de Triomphe.

Louis walked most of the way, but he was carried occasionally… very occasionally.

I’m sure Hannah is telling him all about the Eternal Flame and the history of the Arc de Triomphe. Sure.

That’s not the whole of our time with Hannah and Will, but enough pics for now eh? Tomorrow is new years eve and – oh wait, today is new years eve. So much for getting an early night in anticipation of the fact. Luuk bought me a board game for Christmas and we’ve been neglecting all else for playing it. Oops. Anyway, happy New Year everyone. xx