We’ve (almost) made it. Luuk will be back by this time tomorrow. And I… I will be at a Backstreet Boys concert!

I had great aspirations to write a post about the week’s highs and lows but – gotta be honest – it’s not going to be thorough.

so many cheese/bread based meals

There’s been quite a lot of cheese-focused food. And bread.

There were two days in a row in which plastic melted on the stove top. The bread twisty tie was reduced to two wires and a white smudge before I noticed. Elena’s dummy (that’s a pacifier, or a tétine to the frenchies) carked it after we finished making popcorn. That’ll teach me to do a second lot of melted butter… hah. Yeah right. The element was off and I noticed the smell pretty fast. Holy cow, the stink. Stable plastic… to a point.

The popcorn was for a Purim party – it’s a Jewish festival. It’s to celebrate not getting killed, in this particular instance, thanks to Esther. She has her own book in the bible, if you want to look it up.

Elena, a new dummy, and I picked up Louis from school and walked a couple of kilometers to our friends’ place.

The kids got face-painted and ate a lot of junk food, including triangular pastries called ‘Haman’s purses’. I liked the more traditional fig versions but the kids scoffed the nutella ones. And all the popcorn. A cake box-full was not enough.

going home in the smog

Going home in the smog.

On the way home, walking those two kilometers again after 7pm with two pre-schoolers, we were all pleasantly surprised to find the carousel still going. So they each took a ride on a helicopter. Then home for sandwiches for dinner and a late night.Shame that doesn’t equate to anything like a sleep-in the next morning.

And then it was Saturday. I had no plans at all. I had a headache. I had lost all decision making ability. I’m a little food obsessive, most of the time, but I’d lost the ability to decide what to eat. I ate the other half of Louis’ pain au chocolat. I had a coffee (because NOT having coffee is the hard call) but failed to decide to eat anything else.

I text messaged a friend who suggested the ludotheque, so we did that. The kids played. We tried to keep up a conversation but she was about as shattered as me

Louis, at the ludothequeA marvelous man with a flying machine.

Come eleven I was starving. She suggested a crêperie, so we did that. Louis threw my sunglasses across the, thankfully empty, restaurant and cracked them (though I’m still using them – they’re my favourite). But the food was delicious and the cider was an apple and pear, sweet and dry deal. So good. My dear friend made all the decisions, basically, and saved the day.

Then we went home and napped and I felt better.

Sunday was lovely. Took the kids to writers’ group – a first. Husband of the host took Louis down to the river. They threw pinecones and sticks in the water for over an hour. That’s a good husband my friend has… doing that for over an hour so his wife’s writers’ group is not interrupted by a three year old.

eating well at writers group

Ah, writers group. The writing is good too.

Elena slept. Angel. Then the hosts shouted us Chinese food for dinner. Me and the kids were so well looked-after. I only hope the table cloth cleans up…

I’m probably missing something cute or noteworthy. Oh! Elena has started saying ‘à moi’ (french for ‘mine’) ALL THE TIME. She speaks more french than english, at this point. If it’s not ‘la’ or ‘la bas’, it’s ‘doudou’.*

Have I got any writing done? Ah, a little. I wrote a short story and entered it in a competition… within a week. I thought about it a bit before hand and left several days between revisions. I got writers group to check it over. Still… a week? Chances are good, it’s bad. And I paid money to enter the competition.

See? Decision making ability, zero.

I should go to bed now. This is also a decision I’ve struggled to make in a timely fashion. I’m reading several books. And I had a tv show to catch up on. And ironing. But mostly, I played Myst V (a horribly addictive – don’t look it up – computer game). I’ve finished now – as you can tell. I’m doing something other than playing Myst. I’m writing a blog post. Ta-dah!

Yep, so, to bed. Forgive typos, please (Luuk).


* La = there. La bas = over there or down there, like when you give directions. Doudou = cuddly toy that children get overly attached to.


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  • Erin

    Pretty good decision making for the week, I’d say!
    And I too know the putrid smell of melting/burned plastic: I once tried to make peanut brittle in the microwave. The recipe called for a microwave safe bowl, so, of course, to my 13 year old mind, a plastic tupperware would suffice. I’ll never forget lifting it out of the microwave and having only the top come with me as the bottom had melted and attached itself to the turntable. *sigh*
    Keep up the good work, my friend!

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