Summer has settled in here, AT LAST! We’ve eaten dinner on the deck every night this week. The laundry has dried in time to put it away before tea – every day this week! Small victories.

Other victories…

– Elena has started walking.

– I like my novel again. I’ve been listening to my own recorded reading of it, as part of the editing process, and was feeling a bit miserable about the whole thing. And now I like it again. Whew. I might even have cover art for it: It Could be a Book.

– A friend and I have been talking about starting a small committed writers’ group, as opposed to a drop-in kind of deal. And we’ve finally got it organised. People are excited! (Not just me.) Our first meeting will probably the next week or two, before several of us disappear on summer holidays. But the ball will be rolling for September.

– My basil plant is still alive.

– I’m so onto it with the laundry this week that there isn’t even enough grubby stuff to put a load on. Je suis awesome.

– The lime juice stuff I put in my fizzy water has 0% of a RDI of sugar. Or anything else. Score.

– I submitted a poem and a short story for competitions (which close tomorrow) from the writing magazine Luuk bought me for my birthday. Money well spent.

Perhaps. Fingers crossed.

And did I mention it’s summer. It’s amazing what overdosing on vit-D does for the mood. I feel less and less like I’m going to lose it. Which is nice.