Film Course Exercise


Maggie Hale, 30

New Zealander, woman, software engineer


Actions (in reverse order)

kisses Tian, stands up to his mum, saves his company, grapples with inherited business, returns to NZ, gives Dad’s book to Tian, decides to leave HK, mourns father, enjoys independence, overworks herself, helps godfather, advocates for fired doorman, argues with Tian’s mother, gives false alibi, mourns her mother, smuggles brother out of HK, hides brother, defends HK to NZ friend, mourns Bess, realises her mother is dying, rejects Tian, saves Tian from violent riots, talks Tian into going out into riots, asks Tian’s mother for traditional chinese remedy for her own mother, argues politics and workers’ rights with Tian, sees futility for protests (to a point), blames Tian for Bess’s poor health/exhaustion, makes friends with Bess, hates on HK and Tian, moves to HK with parents, rejects Henry, compares her own ideals with her friend’s, flirts with Henry, tries to talk her father out of moving to HK.


Wants and Needs (and does she realise?)

  • to save parents from difficulty and danger – she’s full aware of this, but doesn’t think it’s unreasonable
  • to not be lonely – aware, then makes a friend and denies loneliness for a while, but becomes aware of it again.
  • for Bess to have a better life – fully aware
  • for Tian to improve his workers’ lives – fully aware
  • for Tian to see the value of protests – she wouldn’t admit how much his opinion matters to her
  • to look after her mother (and protect father) – fully aware
  • to keep her brother safe – fully aware
  • to save herself – more focused on her brother and father at this point
  • distraction from troubles – fully aware
  • a purpose (in work, in helping father and godfather) – she’s aware she’s hiding in her work
  • to justify her actions – aware of this need and denies it
  • for Tian to like her again – becomes aware, and despairs of it
  • to save Tian’s business – fully aware, though denying why she cares so much
  • to win Tian’s affection (again) – denies she wants him, then when she realises she does, she thinks it impossible, but hope remains
  • to win his mother’s approval (eventually) – she’s aware at the very end, but not till then


How she thinks, her psychology…

  • she is protective of her friends/family
  • she takes on responsibility for other people (borderline-meddles)
  • she denies her own deeper feelings
  • she doesn’t always take others feelings seriously, or doesn’t believe them
  • she is loyal to friends/family, risks her own comforts/safety for them
  • she has high ideals about fairness, equality, democracy, sharing (open source, etc.)


How a casual acquaintance sees her…

  • a bit superior
  • smart
  • adventurous
  • high standards
  • idealistic, unrealistic



  • sporty, surfs… so she’s strong and fit and tan
  • casual, practical clothes and hair (accustomed to working from home, unseen… ie. in PJs.)
  • confident in movements, and in herself

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