We live in the best town of them all… as far as the Paris suburbs go at least ( at the very least). On Friday night the annual cheese and wine festival began.

Now that sounds awesome enough but I’d be understating dramatically to leave it at that.

It’s rather like a street party, throbbing with people, huddled around vendors, sampling vintners’ entire selections of wine – chardonnay, rose, burgundy, champagne, muscat… beaucoup aux vin!

But it wasn’t just for the grown-ups. There was a balloon vendor. 4 euro later… Dora!

There was a lot more than cheese and wine – charcuterie (cured meats… think a thousand different types of salami, and then a hundred variations on you classic deli leg of ham…), fois gras of every flavour (I tried it for the first time – very rich and probably never to be my very favorite thing), and tartiflette or similar (uber cheesy potatoes).

And then there was the cheese!

Glorious in all shapes and sizes. Brebis (sheep’s milk) and Chèvre (goats’ milk) and cows’ too, of course, and none of it pasteurized.

We weren’t very self controlled but, I tell you, we could have been ever so much worse. According to my calorie-counter app I did about 1300 calories of damage – not bad considering I had cheese, wine, potatoes, pasta, and even a couple of bites of mum’s blueberry jam crepe. Fortunately I’d been careful earlier in the day and in the end only “overspent” by a hundred calories.

In euro, on the other hand, we probably overspent quite a bit – not by more than a hundred… But we will be sure to savor every morsel, and in the interests of good health will make it last.

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  • Rachel Lonsdale

    Hi guys, that looks amazing. I can just imagine the tastes and smells – would be divine. The cheese here is something to be seen to be believed!

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