Fug, n. A heavy, stale atmosphere, especially the musty air of an overcrowded or poorly ventilated room. Or so says the free dictionary dot com. There are other less socially sensitive definitions but this is the one I mean – it rather accurately describes the state of my head on a Monday. Not every Monday  but yesterday was a doosie.

It was an early start and then Elena sicked up – which is unusual for her – so I was a bit worried but had to get on… Louis had halte garderie from 9 and I had french lesson at 10 so I walked in between, hoping Elena would sleep in the push chair (she didn’t but I got a new diary, gorgeous pens, and new tights).

blue rose tightsAh, I love ’em. Simple pleasures eh? Speaking of pleasures, got spoiled rotten at french class. Mel was her usual brilliant hostess-self and had baby bircher mueslis for each of us, with strawberries and yogurt and fromage frais (of the caremlized apple variety!)… and then a few minutes later she brought out some brunch muffins!

bircher mueslibircher muesli, for the uninitiated, is oats soaked overnight in apple juice, and usually has some fresh/dried fruit mixed in, as well as nuts, coconut, or really anything you fancy. Fresh fruit and yoghurt on top are gorgeous – to the eyes as well as the palate!

brunch muffinsNothing gets the motivation rolling like fresh baking, eh? Well we were certainly more motivated after second breakfast but I’m not sure my brain stepped up to the plate… figuratively speaking. It was a hard lesson and then I had to dash off early to pick up Louis and felt like I’d learned nothing at all.

Which isn’t quite true. I learned that both, comment vous connaisez vous? AND comment vous vous connaisez? are correct.

Also, I learned that the reply, on se connait par l’intermédiaire de… means, we know each other through… (the new bit being the ‘through’, the ‘par l’intermédiaire’ bit.)

But, confession, I did have to check that before typing it just now. So I learned it, but I didn’t LEARN it. If you know what I mean.

Got my exercise though – an hour walking between halte-garderie and the french lesson, then a swift march to pick up Louis and then home. After all that brunch I had a salad for lunch and then put the kids to bed and tried for a nap myself (after the hand washing was done – stupid cashmere sweaters). Not a lot of sleep in the end but some is better than none. My head was heavy and when I get tired like this my whole body aches.

Finally sat down to write in the late afternoon but Elena wasn’t sleeping much and Louis was awake by then… and then Luuk let me know of a friend visiting town and we decided to invite him for dinner. My head was in no space to focus on editing but I managed to pull together something of a feast.

Really hoping to get some writing done today though. Had a few ideas while walking yesterday and revisited them in my journal this morning. But must order groceries online before getting to the novel. One day – one day! – I’ll get to focus solely on writing. But that is not this day.