Perhaps it’s teeth, perhaps its the cold, perhaps it’s the oppressive gray weather… but we’ve been better.

My skin is going ballistic, and that means less than wonderful nights’ sleeps, so I’m tired and short-tempered, lazy and increasingly apathetic.

Luuk gets SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder… ie. grumpy when he hasn’t seen the sun for a while) and he’s tired too.

Louis is fulfilling his duty as a terrible two and possibly teething. He wakes from naps in a terrible grump and takes ages to get out of it, hardly eats a thing, and I was clearly drinking a very special kind of mushroom soup when I said he’d be day-dry by christmas. Hah! Add to that his ability to injure himself – he has two abrasions on his face at the moment and bruises on his shins. I mean it’s no great mystery how he gets them – he has discovered running. His Aunty Hannah will be very proud – her nephew wants to be a runner.

And poor ickle Elena has a nasty cough, chaffing under her chin from all the dribbling (that’s my theory but am getting it checked tomorrow at the doctors), and she is also getting really frustrated at not being able to crawl yet.

Of course, I want solutions, ideas, brilliant, why-didn’t-I-think-of-that stuff that’ll fix it all. I mean there are the obvious, go-to restoratives: good winter soups and lots of citrus, early nights and UV lamps…

I’ll feel better if I keep writing, if I keep having fun in my work. Yesterday I did the least writing I have since October – I edited a poem I wrote the day before. I might share it on here after it’s been through the writer’s group grill – possibly this Saturday if I don’t manage to edit my first chapter in time. That’s today’s job, assuming I can get the printer to function: edit chapter one of the new novel.

Yesterday’s quick-fix, that lifted us all out of the gloom and into the giggles, was our christmas challenge thing for the day. We’re doing one each december, pre-christmas day – something christmassy and ideally creative, with the kids. So far we’ve had a christmas story, decorated a tree, fashioned an angel for the top of the tree and…

elfed ourselves:

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Hope it works. If not, go here.

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  • Marie-Rose

    It did work, really funny!

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