Today I’m hosting a playgroup. I love having people over and don’t tend to find it stressful – though if anyone is actually judging me on my housework I probably should be more worried. At the moment hosting is the best idea as it means I don’t have to go anywhere! I don’t have to walk, or catch trains or buses, hoisting my ginormous belly around the Ile de France, along with Louis and the pushchair…

I’m always assuring other hosts not to clean or tidy before we visit – we’re all in the same boat and know well enough that toddlers mean food and toys everywhere. But I did tidy up today. Louis’ high chair was disgusting. I hope no one looked at it closely, recently. I also washed the floors – and as we all tend to be on/near the floor at some point during a playgroup, attending babies and toddlers who are always close to the floor, I thought it was a good idea.

If cleanliness has anything to do with godliness I have problems. Well, not today, perhaps, but in general… there is no place in housework heaven for me. Sure, a part of me wants to scrub the house clean – or rather wants the house to be clean… perhaps without actually having to do it myself. Nesting instinct? Perhaps. But it’s not a strong impulse. Not strong enough.

I am tempted to spend the next twenty minutes messing around with the book covers I’m designing (not because I’m publishing any of my books, but because I want to put something visual alongside the synopses on my ‘novels’ page), but I think I’ll resist. If I crash this afternoon, after my visitors leave, and want a rest, then novel-writing will be the first thing to go. Better do some now instead. If I get some done this afternoon as well, so much the better.

My guests have left. We had a lovely lunch and then found the brownies… after the person who brought the brownies had already gone home! Delicious, though. There are toys everywhere and crumbs all over the floor (though the worst was definitely Louis smooshing some soggy bread into the floor just at the end) – but it was a fun time and totally worth the mess. One of the other kids is very close to Louis in age and they were chatting away in baby-speak, laughing at eachother, blowing raspberries and generally having a blast. It’s rare for Louis to interact so much with another child his age, but really precious.

Think I’ll go take a nap and deal to the mess later.

So wise.