I’m past half way in this rewrite. In fact, I’ve thrown myself into it rather passionately this past week. Hence the complete absence of new blog posts. But there hasn’t been a lot to tell. There were a few amusing/frustrating/interesting moments.

1. On Thursday morning I finally got organised with all the possible paperwork they might possibly require for enrolling Elena at halte garderie. The lady in the office, though she was in there and her door was ajar, assured me the office was closed on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. So off I went, about my business, and returned in the middle of the afternoon, when the office was open (and it was raining out…). The same lady then happily took my papers, sitting in the same seat at her desk, and promptly handed me back everything except the application form and a birth certificate. Typical. And typical!

2. Elena is crawling on her hands and knees, can play the xylophone, and throws herself down the slide, face first, given the chance. Good thing we’re fast.

3. Bob the Builder has become the new family theme song, and babysitter when I need to take a shower or ferry the recycling to the basement. If only I could get him to fix the shower wall… (’cause apparently he can.)

4. Another plumber came to have a look at the problem with the leaky shower and ‘humid’ wall. He is the first one to actually verify what the problem is by making a hole and looking in the cavity beneath the shower. It’s the dodgy old grouting, not the pipes, so perhaps we won’t need to move out while they fix it, though we might be begging a shower off our friends, or a local swimming pool…

5. I went to the ‘cafe des parents’ at Louis’ halte garderie, an information session about starting school (which he will do in September). The main thing I’m concerned about is whether it’d be best for Louis to do full days from the get-go, or start with just half days.

I know half-days seems an obvious starting point but he’ll miss out on the communal lunch and I think it’d be so great for him. His eating habits need all the help they can get and his French language will absolutely benefit from the social time and teacher-guided conversation about food. The kids all have a sleep in the early part of the afternoon, but they don’t finish till 4pm or later.

I didn’t find out a whole lot of specific info because there are lots of different schools with slightly different ways of doing things. But I did find out, from Louis’ teacher at the halte garderie, that Louis understands and communicates in French without difficulty and that the language won’t be problem (or a reason for him to do just half days) – so that’s fantastic! Go Louis.

We do have to get him properly potty trained though. No nappies. Not even during nap time. So he might be doing half days initially, I guess. He goes to halte garderie ‘sans couche’ (ie. in undies) and comes home in the same dry gear two out of three times a week, pretty much.

So that was the week. I wrote lots. And read a bit. Luuk and I have started watching Ballykissangel, an old favourite of mine. We had some friends for dinner one night and taught more people the Bean game (Bohnanza, officially). The weather was on and off and basically rubbish, but it’s looking up.

Mum arrived from NZ this morning and successfully traversed Paris, despite the crazy train strikes, and all on her own, brave woman. But time to dust off the français. Comes in handy in this town.