Today’s small stone is on the grand and vital subject of Jaffas.

I was always too greedy to throw you down the cinema aisles, little orange choc drops, each a miniature mars (planet not chocolate) in their autumn red shells, clickety-clicking their memorable riff, shaken to bits in the box.

They were a bit shaken to bits too – a little worse for wear having flown around the world (though not in their own power – just to be clear – Jaffas are lollies). These were a gift from our far flung homeland – which I am missing badly because everyone insists on posting gorgeous beachy photographs and complaints about the temperature on facebook. I know, full well, I did the same in September. I have it coming.

Gosh darn it.

It’s funny though, Jaffas don’t make me feel all that homesick. Snifters might have done it. Jaffas mainly make me think of the ol’ abbreviation – the oh-so-kind nickname for Aucklanders. Auckland, being the biggest city in NZ, has a love-hate relationship with the rest of the country. Aucklanders love the rest of the country while the rest love to hate Auckland. And I was a JAFFA – or JAFA, I suppose: Just Another F**.. Aucklander.

It’s funny the things that pop into my mind. The last two sundays at church we’ve sung ‘We Three Kings’ and every time (EVERY TIME!) I have to resist the urge to sing,

We three kings of orient are
one in a tractor, one in a car
one on a scooter, tooting his hooter
following yonder star.

Which, in case you are wondering, are not the traditional words of the hymn. Not quite.

Here’s a video rendition of the version we weren’t meant to sing, just to reinforce some terribly inaccurate stereotypes…

Apologies, today’s post is a rambler. I’ve been swamped with sneeze-after-sneeze all afternoon. I ran out of my hayfever meds four days ago and only restocked yesterday, after visiting a different doctor to our usual, because our usual is closed till the end of the month… which was what she said last month. So we might be changing doctors.

I’m also a bit out of it today because I finished reading ‘Me Before You’ by Jojo Moyes and can’t stop thinking about this brilliant book – though the ending is kind of awful. But perfect. But sad.

Anyway, if you don’t mind light books with heavy subjects and bitter-sweet endings, read it. Very well done. But, I should warn, it’ll leave you feeling the same you did after the Downton Abbey Christmas Special. Is that a spoiler? Sorry.

What was I saying? Oh, nothing. Probably. Mushroom soup for dinner tonight, maybe. Maybe take-aways. Will go down to bakery by myself either way, once Luuk gets in. Must get out of the house before my head explodes. It’s the hayfever sure, but I do get a bit of cabin fever some days. And it’s been snowing, on and off, not enough to play in, so taking the kids out without good reason just defies good sense.