It was a bad night, the first in a while – hits hard. I was up till after eleven trying to settle her, and up again at 12.30, 2.30, 4.30. Best sleep all night was between six and eight this morning, at which point Elena was still sleeping but Luuk had to get off to work and so I needed to take over with Louis. Ouch.

And she’s not going down this morning. I’m grabbing this moment thanks to a wonderful invention – the dummy. Or pacifier. Never tried one on Louis. Maybe I never had need of it. I don’t remember wanting to try one, but I do remember him crying. Maybe I’d just decided against it.

But it’s on my list – my ‘worth a try’ list – this time around.

I’ve just managed to put her down and Louis is starting to chat to himself, cause it’s time for him to get up. I want to snatch this moment to write. But how can I sit down and actually get anything done when I’ve only got a few minutes at a time? By the time I’ve re-focussed on my work I’m pulled away again. It’s incredibly frustrating.

I have to keep my head in my novel, that’s the only way. While I was holding Elena, rocking her and feeding her and sterilizing her dummy, I was thinking about what was going to happen next in my story.


Louis' attempt to get his head in the game.

When I stopped writing yesterday I left my two main characters in the middle of a conversation. This sounds like a bad idea but actually it makes it easy to start writing again and lends urgency, which means I’m more likely to write again soon.

Now, while I make Louis’ sandwiches for his lunch I will play out the conversation my characters are having. I will rehearse it in my head, figure out where it’s going next, and where it’s going to end.

I sometimes find it difficult to end a scene. I find myself cutting a lot when I re-write/edit, because my reader simply does not need an outline of a characters progress out the door and down to the car, but I often write it anyway.

Later this afternoon I will snatch a few minutes, at the very least, and I’ll be ready and roaring to write… or that’s the plan.

Later… I snatched! I did. It wasn’t much, but both babies were in bed and Luuk was working, so I grabbed my chance and I’m not even going to check the word count cause it’ll just depress me.

Fingers crossed, we’ll do better tomorrow. And then it’s the weekend and I’m not on my own with the babies all day. I might even try to get out on my own, take the laptop, sit in a cafe (a stone’s throw from home so that I can dash back if Elena is hungry) and get some peace and quiet and writing done all at the same time.

Good plan.