Getting a baby into a routine is harder than I remember. Listening to her cry – even for only a few minutes – feels like cruel torture for all of us, and warps time like you would not believe.

I’ve been re-reading the book, ‘Baby Wise’, which is fortifying my resolve and reassuring me that I’m only harming my own peace of mind. Elena proves them right about half the time, maybe more. She cries for ten minutes then stops, then starts again, but without a lot of conviction, and stops and then goes to sleep. But sometimes the stopping and starting just goes on and on and then I feel terrible and go in to comfort her. Sometimes this does the trick and she nods off, reassured that we’re not abandoning her.

Louis's baking brownies.

Other times, like while I was in the middle of baking a choc brownie with Louis, she doesn’t give up and eventually I do. And we start again.

Today so far…

she woke at 3 am and then prematurely at 6. I gave her a snack because we try to start the day between 7 and half-past.

7.15 – first official feed. Little awake-time.

8ish – down for a nap. Cried for two big bouts and then nodded off. Yippee!

Louis also down for a nap, shortly followed by myself. A very good start to the day!

10.30 – second feed. Possibly too much awake time.

11.15 – down for a nap. Cried for two big bouts then seemed to nod off… but no. Lots of crying. Went in to calm her down a couple of times. Failed.

12 ish – third feed. Short awake time. Fell asleep on my shoulder, if I’m honest.

12.45 – down for a nap. No crying till 45 minutes later – three or four periods of less than 10 mins each. Seems to have calmed herself down and nodded off. Touch wood.


We’re doing pretty well today, now that I look at that run-down, but man, I feel like we’re doing poor to averagely. Baking was a good idea – made me feel productive and, now that I’m tasting it, successful!

Pistachio and Dark Chocolate Brownie

Must do a bit of novel thisavo and then it’ll officially be a great day… no matter how I feel. Is this hormones? Still? It’s been nearly 4 weeks since the birth.

My happy and pretty-well-adjusted toddler perks me up. He’s busy right now playing with pegs on deck. I hope he’s not just pushing them over the edge into the downstairs neighbour’s hedge… I think we’re safe. Louis is good for getting me to laugh, or even just smile, with his cute and crazy behaviour.

And we're going in.

Plus, his contented way of going to bed, and to sleep, are a good motivator to stick at things with Elena.

On that note, I’d better go put him to bed. He’s getting annoyed at the pegs. Never a good sign.