I was all ready this morning: all ready for a lousy Monday. I bought a pain au chocolat on Sunday when I got our bread for lunch. I was prepared.

And somehow, that sweet little pastry delight is still whole, untouched, in it’s wee paper bag in the bread basket in the kitchen.

I was up twice in the night to feed the baby and it took me ages to get to sleep – I kept thinking of story ideas, and twists for stories I’m already writing, and scenes for stories I’ve been planning for ages. I was inspired, and in the morning, sleep deprived.

But I was also decisive. I got up and had a shower before feeding Elena. I even ate breakfast – ordinary, non pain-au-chocolat breakfast. It was all-go till I dropped Louis at daycare. Louis cried and held his arms out for me when I left – ouch! “C’est dificile,” as the teacher aptly put it.

I took Elena for a walk, and did a little shopping – ingredients for soup, for dinner, and some mittens for Elena. Once she was asleep, I sat in a cafe, wrote my journal, drank my coffee and didn’t order a pastry because I knew there was one waiting at home. Back home, I fed Elena and then, while she slept, I did housework.

It’s raining on and off – and it was on when I went to pick Louis up, so no detours. No bakery stop. No bread for lunch. I had two bowls of carrot soup instead of one, with a generous dollop of cream cheese to make it more satisfying.

So, to sum up:

it’s a monday, I was up twice in the night, I didn’t get much sleep even when the babies were asleep, it’s raining, Louis was sad to go to nursery, I have no bread, and I haven’t done my French homework for our lesson this afternoon.

Sounds like a pretty lousy start to the week.

But oddly, I’m feeling good. I have lots of story ideas and I got most of them down while I was sitting in the cafe. It’s rainy, but that makes it nice and cozy inside. The house is relatively clean and tidy. Louis’s teacher told me he did better today – so even though he was upset when I left and a little teary when I picked him up, I guess he was happy in-between. Sans bread my calorie count is low today – and I did exercise too! The babies are both soundly asleep. I still have half an hour till our french lesson, so if I stop writing now I can do a lousy rush-job of chapitre 7.

And there’s still that pain au chocolat waiting for me in the kitchen. Excellent.

I feel like I started the week at a run, but it’s working out okay. I’m not bubbling over with energy, but I’ve found my pace, my stride, like runners do – I’m told.

Now I just have to keep it up – pastry, homework, lesson, look after kids, do groceries (or not?), make dinner, do some writing, look after kids, eat dinner, watch downton abbey, and then get ready for bed.

Left right left right left…