Here in France mail means email and post means snail mail. Ah, the confusion, but by whichever name…

Tis the season of mail, isn’t it though? I have a little pile of presents to post, sitting on the dining table, and every night Luuk gets home and asks if any packages have arrived (I’m on strict orders not to open them if/when they do… which suits me just fine!)

Louis sent (e)mail to Santa (with a little bit of help from his dad) and yesterday received a reply in the post! So that was a nice and easy christmassy thing for us to do together: open and read Santa’s letter.

We arrived home from halte jeux to find something exciting in the letter box!

But lunch is tough competition so the letter had to wait till the pain au lait had been dealt to.

Santy! Said Louis.

This is the letter – blurry and in french… but Santa basically says that he’s got your letter and his elves are busy preparing and wrapping the presents. Christmas is coming soon and there’s lots to do, and while you wait for all the fun and festivities, turn over this letter to find…

… a maze. This should keep you busy till Christmas. Needless to say, Louis cast the letter aside and went to play with actual toys and other interesting things.

But Elena quite enjoyed scrunching it in her fingers and attempting to get the whole thing in her mouth.

Speaking of mail, our christmas cards are still un-written and un-posted, so they’ll probably get to New Zealand sometime in the middle of next year… sorry folks.

But I have been sending some other mail – of the email variety. I sent queries, synopses, and first-three-chapters to an agent and an editor this week. In itself this is not so very rare or exciting – it is usually followed, after months of waiting, by a form rejection letter without any useful comments at all. But this time it’s different (or so I keep telling myself) because the agent/editor actually requested my stuff.

I put up the basic premise of my story on twitter with the hashtag #pitchmas. Now if you don’t know how twitter and hashtags work, here’s the deal:

When you write something on twitter you have 140 characters in which to write your message or ‘tweet’. A hashtag is any word or series of words that follow a hash, eg. #amwriting or #christmas. You can search a hashtag and should find all the tweets on that topic, using that hashtag.

The #pitchmas hashtag was for novel pitches and I guess the idea was that editors and publishers could follow this hashtag and make some poor desperate writer’s christmas wish come true… like perhaps mine! It would be overstatement for me to claim poverty or desperation, but nevertheless, I followed the hashtag for a while and saw that some agents/editors were responding to people’s pitches.

I figured I had nothing to lose and put up mine:

And, as you can see, I got some responses! So I sent off what they requested, and now I wait.

While I wait… I will write, and write. Yesterday I started a christmassy short story which I hope to finish drafting today. But more importantly, I have those christmas cards! I was also concocting plans for some creative, possibly poetic, alternative to the traditional family christmas letter (ie. a whole year’s worth of news edited down to one and a half pages, with too many pictures, shrunk to the point of being incomprehensible so that they all fit… yeah, that’s what I did last year.)

But at least we don’t need to go out until this afternoon – for my group French lesson. I have cancelled Elena’s last session with the kinésithérapeute because she’s barely coughed at all in the last couple of days. No reason to torture the girl. And hurrah! She’s getting better. I’m so glad that we (usually) have such healthy kids. We’ve very lucky.

Happy Elena (and less than decent Louis… apologies) with the keys. Much better!


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  • Graeme and lorraine Moffat

    So excited you have requests, Amy! brilliant.
    Also wonderful to see Elena (and helpful big brother Louis)in action. Happy Christmas

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