Luuk took Monday off work so as to spend a bit more time with our London-dwelling Kiwi friends while they were in town. It was lovely having him home for another day – two adults to two kids… parenting is more fun and much easier with two!

Our friends arrived in the late morning and after feeding the kids and dilly-dallying (I wonder who coined that fun phrase) around, we decided on a picnic lunch at Parc Heller.

And boy did we picnic well. Charcuterie and several different types of cheese, fresh bread and fresh veggies, and Champers! The kind that you’re allowed to call Champagne, in fact.


Louis and Me at Parc Heller

It was a lovely sunny day. We sat under the trees, played with the kids, and ate our full.

Rocking the baby, at the playground.

My work week started on Tuesday and it started brilliantly. Both babies were down for morning naps before nine and I followed suit. I woke around ten, when Elena wanted feeding, and managed to put her down for her next nap, and have a shower, before Louis woke.

Timing is gorgeous when it works out.

In the afternoon Louis and I went to coffee group – the first time I’ve made it since Elena’s birth. It was so great to take them both out in the push chair, by myself, get a few errands done (Yes, Mum, I posted your postcard) and see some friends. We talked about baby sleep and crying and theories all afternoon, while enjoying the quirks and cuddles of our kids, and eating decadent home-made cake pops.

I have it really easy compared to some. My friend has tried absolutely everything in every book, it seems, but still has a nightmare with trying to get her son to sleep, independently or at all.

Elena is doing much better for a few dull days at home. She does beautifully in the mornings, going to sleep with only a few minutes of complaint, for her first three naps, most days.

The afternoons are less settled so I think I’ll plan for outings then. Louis does okay when he doesn’t get his usual two long naps; disrupting his routine is less likely to throw the whole day out of whack. If he has a bad day at the moment it’s all teeth-related.

Milky Bar to get his mind off it?
But thanks to that magic gel you stick on his gums, a little paracetamol on occasion, and shameless attempts to distract and entertain, he’s toughing it out.


I was worn out after my walk yesterday. I knew novelling wasn’t going to happen and Elena ensured that was the case, having an unsettled evening. I did think about it lots because I was stuck on something, and I wrote a bunch of notes in a memo on my phone, while I was breastfeeding. I have finally figured out what Dahlia’s going to find in the time capsule… a seemingly innocent peppermint tin is the key to figuring out her dear-departed-grandmother’s secrets… très intéressant, oui?

Today has been all housework and filing and playing soccer with Louis in the living room. The landlady is coming over this afternoon so I have to get the place spick and span (another fun phrase) by three. The dining table was creaking beneath a giant pile of papers: the beauty of bureaucracy (all the stuff leftover from our visits to the prefecture and securite sociale of recent times) and free shipping from (reciepts and packaging and manuals from all our recent purchases).

But it’s done now. I’ve been ticking off all the things on my to do list app (very handy), so once the landlady is gone I’ll have no more excuses.

This afternoon I will write some more of my novel. Promise.

Will obviously need another one of these.