Malheureusement is one of my favourite french words and today, unfortunately, it is a perfect title. It means, ‘unfortunately’.

Let me backpedal a little. Here is yesterday’s “small stone” –

My fork curves like a pregnant belly, cradling sticky rice, pointing out in all the directions it might fall before reaching my lips. Orange curry sauce is its ineffective glue, seducing salivation with citrus scents and heat.

It was a delicious dinner but, malheureusement, I wasn’t feeling very well. I ate anyway and then went to bed, hoping to sleep off whatever was ailing my belly.

And then I was up half the night, sick and miserable, achey and tangled in my pyjamas, having one of those infuriating round-in-circles dreamy-hallucinations. In my head I was tripping around Paris, utterly exhausted. What a nightmare.

I’m better this morning but the lack of sleep and full-body ache are killer. Lifting the kids is painful; staying awake till they both nap at the same time, difficult. There was quite a lot of television this morning, finishing with Elmo at the Firehouse (Louis’ absolute fave) and then numerous children’s books. Elena was up from her first nap by then so I tried to feed her and fend off a bouncing Louis. He’s in bed now, though not asleep, and Elena is chewing on her giraffe (one of her giraffe’s, rather) – this is dessert to the pumpkin soup she just had for an early lunch. A very early lunch.

It’s not even eleven yet. This is going to be a very long day.

But at least I have a good book to read. Here’s hoping the kids entertain themselves and/or sleep enough for me to benefit from that. A sleep for myself too would be lovely. Perhaps a little shut-eye will magic-away this awful ache.

Another unfortunate thing: we have no hot water and haven’t for days. Gah! I had a proper cold shower two days ago. Suffered through and washed my hair and everything. A hot shower would be lovely right now but I’ll stick with the massage chair thingy I got for christmas. It has a heating function. Lovely lovely.

Unfortunately I will need to get dressed today. Fortunately it’s because the plumber is coming – with any luck to fix the hot water issue.

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  • Erin

    Oh Amy! I do so hope you feel better soon! And today being dreary and wet does nothing to improve the spirits at all…If you need anything, let me know and I’ll do what I can to help you out! *hugs*

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