Today is market day. After a slightly out-of-sync start, I bundled the kids and the shopping bags into the pushchair and walked down to town.

I like the market for it’s bustling atmosphere, for the idea of supporting local businesses and growers (though they’re probably not that local), and because I get to practice my french. Not to mention, I get a bit of exercise.

It feels very French, very harmonious, to wander around this local market and pick up this and that, take my time, enjoy the sights and scents… and very soon tastes.

First stop: the ever-overwhelming fromagerie… how do you choose?

Today I was restrained: one Camembert and one hunk of Comte. I was meaning to get Parmesan but the Mediterranean place usually has it and I meant to get pasta from them… only the Mediterranean place was shut.

Next up: fruit and veg… but how do you choose which fruit and veggie stall to shop at? I suspect it’s cheaper further in, away from the roads and sunlight. Today I struck lucky and seem to have gotten decent quality stuff. It can be a bit of a gamble if the salespeople select your items for you.

There are numerous stalls to choose from and I’m only just starting to learn my way around the huge market, let alone know which stalls are best.

There are definite advantages to going later in the morning, or even early in the afternoon, once it’s close to closing: they’re giving stuff away! Only question now is, what am I going to do with all these bananas. Had two in a smoothie for lunch but there’s loads more.

Stocked up on the fresh produce… big time.

(Got talked into 2 lettuces – one euro! – and a LOT of bananas.)

Meat next: saussison sec (something like salami) sliced by the butcher (because it’s so solid I can’t slice it thinly myself) and some beef for dinner. I suspect I need the iron and Luuk never complains about steak… not that he complains about anything that I cook.

Last stop: the bakery.

“Bonjour. Une baguette, s’il vous plait.”

“Un euro.”

“Voila, merci. Au revoir.”

“Merci, bonne journee.”

And then I walked that heavy-laden buggy back up the hill to our apartment, sweating a bit, and thirsting a lot.

Louis was calling out for Baguette – which sounds quite a lot like he’s saying ‘bugger’. He had a chunk of baguette and some grapes for lunch.

I had a liquid lunch…

But now I’m peckish again and there’s delicious hummus in the fridge… that with some lettuce and feta on fresh baguette, sounds like a good sandwich to me.

And a coffee. Bien sur! (Of course.)

That’ll set me up for a good afternoon of writing.