May in France is all jours fériés – May Day, VE Day,, ascension… Which all fall mid-week this year. But add a day of leave and we have mini-break material. And so after a week at home since our ANZAC trip to the Somme and côte de channel we have crossed the channel. That’s right, I’ve finally made it to London.

But more on that soon. Our week at home was about half normal (French classes, writing, laundry, soccer in the living room, etc.) and about half well-out-of-whack. Firstly, Louis had holidays from halte garderie and so did all the other kids – ie. French class was rowdy at times. I decided to start doing more French on my own time, but was thwarted by technical issues (easily defeated, yes).

I had other plans too: I’ve finally started writing a play, and I’ve finally started putting together Elena’s 1 year album. All this I wanted packed in before Thursday evening because we had friends arriving and staying a couple of nights – kiwis who’ve been traveling in Europe and were passing through Paris before flying home.

Lots of things got started but not finished, which is nearly as annoying as this rough fingernail I’m stuck with till morning (somehow forgot my nail file. Gr. and pharmacies here in England aren’t so sure-fire open late even on bank holidays, as their Parisian counterparts.

But after our London trip it’s business as usual for me (kids and writing and laundry and Paris) till summer holidays in August. Plenty of time for finishing things… Only I have another goal/deadline. In the middle of May 100 Days Project begins and I don’t like juggling too many projects at once. I’d like to have the album done before Day 1 of my book cover design marathon. Or that’s the goal. We will see.

Pictures to follow – when I’m not sharing a dark hotel room with sleeping kids and a husband as tired as me. Travel is fun but woah, got the wobbles. Sleep time.