We are having a very social week! Lunch at new french friends’ place on Saturday and today I had the same friend and her son over for afternoon tea (well… coffee and ice cream if I’m honest.) Conversation, in a french leaning combination of french and english, is a little stilted but we do okay. The kids played happily until Louis fell (with a little help, perhaps) into the bookcase and cracked himself on the head… and then it was time for a little something (as pooh bear would say) – a donut and an eclair (though Louis was not interested in the eclair).

Yesterday our social event was a coffee group with other english speaking mums (and kids) in the area.

It wasn’t sunny but it was still hot and muggy. We drank blended ice drinks that vaguely resembled virgin margaritas – yum!


frozen mango or raspberry coulis
(or whatever you fancy really)
(about a dozen cubes per jug)
orange juice
(about 2 cups per jug)
lime cordial
(generous slurp or 3… to taste)

and… whiz it up!

We did a mango batch first, and used too much of the orange juice. Substituted some vanilla ice cream and a little water when we made the second batch… c’est délicieux!

Tasted like summer. T’was the lime – the taste of summer, methinks.

Anyway, lovely afternoon chatting and lazing about with icy drinks and good company. The kids played, though Louis is going through a funny shy/clingy phase – he hovered around the knees of my friend rather than me. She was charmed… conveniently. She even blew bubbles for him.

Elena dozed in the pushchair and then had a kick about on the grass, in her swimsuit. I dipped her feet in the water but that was enough. It was hot but not really sunny – so not hot enough for dipping a baby in cold water.

Louis wasn’t at all interested in going in the water. I put him down the slide once, so he got wet, but he immediately got out and then played with the stones on the path for most of the afternoon (except for when there were bubbles, obviously).

There’s another coffee group on friday but tomorrow should be quiet. Might try to work on my writing for more than fifteen minutes at a time. It’s a bit slow going at the moment. I’m also researching agents and publishers – an overwhelming task.

Amidst all this socialising I am missing many of my far-away-friends – those in New Zealand but also well-spread-out all over the globe: in Vancouver, Florida and London, and then there’s my sister in Ohio and my brother back in Christchurch. Ah, the pitfalls of globalisation. We’ll never all be together – though both mine and Luuk’s best friends are in Vancouver at the moment… and all this french we’re learning would be handy in Canada (though not, perhaps, so much in BC).

I suppose the other side of the globalisation coin is that it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with people – though the time difference with the americas is inconvenient to everyone involved. It’s much simpler to coordinate skype dates with people in NZ.

I think I write this blog instead of emailing individuals – which is really not the same thing. Back in the day I used to write actual letters – paper, pen, all that. With one particular friend, from whom I have lived apart since we were fourteen, I exchanged these glorious fat envelopes – treasure troves of letters written in class, at home, on the bus, and all sorts of other things. I once received an envelope packed out with confetti! There was a big long letter and photos and doodles and all sorts in there as well. Better than a present really.

Perhaps I’ll add ‘write a letter’ to my weekly to-do list. Although, bi-weekly might be more realistic.