another small stone, for the january mindful writing challenge, this time on the subject of baking.

Granite clay biscuit dough
balled up quick
so it won’t stick
I slap it flat and peel
from my palm, correcting
its quirks.
Far from perfect rounds
fossilize my fingerprints
and grow

We had a 3 Kings Carol service last night at our church – lots of people and carols and supper afterwards. We made more reindeer christmas biscuits to take along, hence the little stone/poem above.

The kids sang ‘Go tell it on the Mountain’ and Louis played a maracca!

In the practise he refused to shake the maracca at all, but he quite enjoyed the spotlight and the little musician in the man did his bit.

I suppose this was not his first stage performance, as he played Jesus in the nativity play at Ilam Baptist, five weeks or less after he was born, but he rather took to the stage. After the kids song finished he happily sat down, and then when we stood to sing the next carol he wanted to go up front again.

The tea towel and shoelace headdress was a surprising success as he refused to leave it on his head before the moment he had to go up front. That particular tea towel is one we got as a wedding present and, despite having a hole in it, we brought it all the way to France because its one of those really good absorbent ones. Ah, the stories it could tell. Wonder how long it will last.

Other noteworthy events of yesterday: had our first galette des roi. This is a french new years-ish tradition, though I’m told they’ll eat them all-January-long, and I don’t blame them: yum.

Galette is a tart – puffy pastry and a little bit of filling – almondy in my meagre experience though the ones at the bakery have ‘frangipane’ on the labels so perhaps there are variations. I might have to do some research (ahem-tasting). I do like the pastry:filling ratio. I do like pastry.

I’m in the right damn country, aren’t I.

It’s been a productive Monday morning so far – laundry and kids and writing and shops. Bought stickers for a potty-success-chart and also a pretty hair clip for myself… a gauzy rose, in a pinky caramel colour. I am all about the hair clips at the moment. Picked out some a few weeks back, for the kids to give me for christmas – simple bobby pins with unique, gorgeous little adornments – a blue rose, a glass bead with a picture inside: a raining cloud. Very beautiful and blue. Lovely.

I digress. Where was I? Probably should get on with things. C’est tous.