Today was Mother’s Day. Scrambled eggs on fresh toasted brioche is an excellent way to celebrate these things. Roses are also pretty good.

But that was just the beginning of today’s treats and celebrations. It is a big weekend for many – Queen Elizabeth II’s 60th Jubilee means a holiday for many. Not us Frenchies, of course, but there are plenty of Britons around, and a few of them go to our church. There was a BBQ planned for today anyway, but the Jubilee inspired a theme. And so, off we went, in our red, white and blue garden party garb… (well, except for Luuk who wore a black ‘Dutch Brother’s Coffee’ tshirt from our trip to the USA last year.)

Louis was dressed appropriately and soon added a floral lay to his outfit – someone put it on Luuk and Luuk passed it on. Naturally.

Everyone got quite into it – costumes, flags, hats galore! There was even a brief sing song, and none of this predictable ‘God Save the Queen’, or heaven forbid, ‘Jerusalem’. No, we had some jingle about a golden carriage and the Queen’s heart of gold… And this was after only half a glass of wine.

I made cucumber sandwiches, in keeping with the theme, but much more impressively, Luuk made the delicious cheesecake in the foreground. The desserts were all round incredible, but I was quite full from all the cheese, which came after all the other food (amazing ribs!). Fortunately, Louis was happy to help finish off my cupcake.

Though it was me, not Louis, who ate the picture. Didn’t want him getting confused or warped… any more than is absolutely necessary.

It was a gorgeous afternoon. The weather wasn’t overly impressive – but it didn’t rain! And it wasn’t too cold to sit around outside, nibbling away at the splendid fare, and watching the kids play. Louis was grubby within about five minutes of arrival and got progressively worse.

But he didn’t go in the pond! It was a close one. One of the other kids did, unfortunately. They were playing this game – throwing balls and toy fish into the pond (which stunk – more and more noticeably as it was disturbed – but they were having fun) and the adults/older kids were fishing the items out with a net. Louis splashed happily at the side and got well-damp, covered in bits of mud and plant, but somehow managed to avoid immersion. Miracle.

Came home and did laundry… no surprises there. I am pretty proud, actually, of the way I have trained Louis to help with laundry. He lifts items from the basket and then shakes them out before handing them to the adult hanging them on the line. What an angel.

Had a lovely restful evening and if I wrap this up now we’ll manage an early night to kick off the week.

Very excited about my parents coming on Wednesday, and another visitor to see tomorrow – a friend from my student exchange to Wyoming in 2005!