IMG_0364New buds, new leaves, new threads, new drafts. It’s all new. And have you heard the news? Goodness, there’s a lot of news this week, or perhaps I’m just less out-of-the-loop than usual. Nothing like a novel to finish to get me looking at news websites. Procrastination station, thy name is and france24.

But the novel is finished, nonetheless. Hurrah! Back to my glass of wine and television shows. End of blog post.

Nah, gotcha. Ce n’est pas le fin. It probably should be because I should probably be doing French homework… but I shall go on.

So spring seems to be here. Of course it’ll bugger off tomorrow, but it was here in fine form today (aka. 29°C according to the thermometer in the car, Luuk says) and I dragged the kids out for a wee bus trip to parc de sceaux (pron. park duh so… or something like that). We met up with some friends, the kids ran around, we lazed on blankets and had broken conversations (ie. interrupted by kids, but c’est la vie.)

kids at the parkThe kids at the park today.

Today wasn’t the first of it either. Sunday was a marvel. A marvelous marvel. We sat on the terrace at Nawar, our local Lebanese restaurant for lunch…

on the terrace at NawarElena is sporting the fabulous sit’n’sling. Luuk is trying to arouse Louis’ curiosity about the delicious food so that he’ll try something other than chips.

And then after lunch and a brief nap we went to a birthday party at a park.

Louis and the birthday girlLouis and the Birthday Girl

discovering hotdogs

Elena discovered Hot Dogs

Elena joins in on the sport

And then she tried to join in with the sports, but soon gave up to eat leaves. Yum.

After blissing out in the sun with friends we came home to eat dinner on the deck. The warmth was making us all happy-chappies… to the point of singing. And clapping. And Queen.

Their musical education, for better or worse, has begun. (Couldn’t wrestle this video into embedding on the page, but I promise it’s worth clicking on the link. Hard work, yep.)

And now, as promised: new threads. New clothes! Didn’t spend a cent. Threw a clothes swap instead and it was fabulicious.

Fabulous clothes and friends + delicious food = fabulicious.

the licious bitThe spread.

fashion swapThe threads.

our youngest schwapper

Our youngest and probably the most fabulous of the fashion swappers, sporting her brand new mauve scarf.

One of my new outfits

And me.

I made out like a bandit. Scored two coats, gorgeous grey boots, numerous tops, a couple of shirts, a couple of dresses, two gorgeous scarves, jewellery and a faux Louis Vuitton purse, the perfect size for taking pages to writers’ group (though hopefully I don’t get evicted for having a purse that looks like it’s worth more than any of us pay in rent a given month). Also got pants (as in trousers, in case you’re English  not undies) and some a size too small because I’m still losing weight and, well, here’s hoping.

The kids were off with Luuk. They went with friends to their kid’s rugby game, and then returned to help polish of the chocolate truffles and get jealous of our brilliant afternoon.

fashion swap for menJohnny reckons we’ll do one for the guys but went on to list all the items it is not okay to wear second hand – including tshirts. Which rules out half of Luuk’s wardrobe.

Okay, I suppose I didn’t say much about finishing my novel, and it is big exciting news. But it’s not the first novel for me, and it’s not FINISHED finished, so I’m a bit too much of an old-hat to get overly excited. Plus I’m tired. I had a glass of rosé at dinner and I was in the sun for a few hours and I think I’d best just lie down, except that the pictures are still en route from phone to compooper. So I’ll just blah blah blah – oh, think they’re done.