Is it just me who gets the urge to list exactly what they’ve eaten during the day? I don’t know what this stems from.

I do know that at one point I lost a bit of weight but just resolving to write down everything I ate. I didn’t intentionally eat better or less but I suppose, because I had to write it down, I felt accountable.

Now, keeping in mind I’m breastfeeding and need a few more calories than usual… here’s what I’ve enjoyed today:

Breakfast: Tomato and smoked salmon, on cream cheese toasted bagel. With coffee.

Snack: half a banana, 3 dried apricots, a square of dark choc and coffee #2.

Lunch: Quiche Lorraine, 1/4 baguette with basque cheese, 1/4 apple. Water with a dash of lime juice.

Snack: Coffee and some more of that apple. And a timtam (slammed).

Second afternoon coffee… gave in after resisting for quite some time. But only drank half as was dragged off to the park by my darling toddler.

At the park: half of a delectable pastry with chocolate chips. Louis and I shared.

While cooking dinner: a couple of bites of baguette.

Dinner: Inspired by ‘Joy the Baker‘, who I stumbled across on pinterest, I made these delights:

And then we had veggie satay noodles for our mains.

I call these ‘cheats satay noodles’ because I’m pretty sure you’re not meant to make satay sauce the way I do. But it tastes good, so here’s the trick:

1Tbsp crunchy peanut butter

soy sauce to taste

sweet chilli sauce to taste

water… till it’s the consistency you like.


Dessert is still to come. Goodness me I eat a lot.