Christmas Challenge day 5: thumb print santas on the christmas cards.

We did lots of practise finger prints and then tried for a controlled single press-down of paint on each christmas card… with mixed success. Then we left them to dry, to be transformed into santas another day…

Meanwhile, Elena has been enjoying the shiny baubles. It’s hard to get a six-month-old involved in crafts.

On the evening of the 5th we tried to explain Sinterklaas to Louis. It was all very confusing. Each video we tried on youtube made me even more confused. But Louis put a carrot in his gumboot for Sinterklass’s horse and went to bed happy (if a little baffled).

I am happy to report that he has not since put any food in any of his shoes. Whew.

Day 6: Sinterklaas!

Look what Sinterklaas left! The carrot, gone. In it’s place, entirely edible goodies.

But first things first – our little dutch boy, creature of habit, wanted to finish his milk before digging into his present.

He checked that the carrot was gone and then started asking after the horse. Somehow in all the confusion Louis got the idea that he was going to get a horse. (Now that would have trumped the cousins’ dolls house!)

Louis pulled out the bretzel sticks, his current fad food, and waited patiently for his horse.

Eventually he did take the present out and enjoyed the nesquick in his second bottle of milk, and the chocolate sprinkles on his breakfast. He ate all the smurf lollies before his nap and finished off the nesquick at lunch. Good present sinterklaas!

Day 7: Snow!

What’s that out the window?

Il neige!

But the weather was miserable so we didn’t go out in it until we had to (to go to halte garderie) and by then the rain had washed nearly all of the snow away. Plan B: the christmas market begins this evening just up the street, outside the old church, in the lovely cobbled courtyard under beaucoup de lumière! Elena is sick so she will be staying home in the warm. She can watch the christmas lights and have a little dance about the living room to a christmas tune, perhaps.

This afternoon I took to the smudgy thumb prints and transformed them into santas. Just waiting on the glitter-glue and paint to dry, then santa will get a face and the cards will get messages, envelopes, stamps and addresses…

Goodness me. How will I make that into a Santa!?

With any luck the christmas cards will arrive at their destinations before February!


One thought to “One Confused Little Dutch Boy”

  • Fern

    Sinterklaas IS confusing, and it’s a total shame our husbands didn’t put their shoes out for him as kids. Would be nice to have someone to shed a little more light on the matter.

    The Christmas cards look amazing! What a cool idea 🙂

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