We’ve told everyone we’re moving back to NZ in September.

So, turns out, Luuk’s company here can keep him on for another year… and with pretty much the same deal. Nigh-impossible to turn down really.

We’ve known this was possible for a few weeks but until things were confirmed, couldn’t say much. Nothing is yet signed but it’s all go. Our plans have been all up in the air while we were waiting to hear, but now we can start organising a summer holiday for august, and get the kids signed up for school/halte garderie for next september.

First things first, summer! Bring it on. Don’t suppose anyone knows the L&P secret recipe…

Timing-wise one year is perfect. Louis will do two full years of maternelle here and return to NZ just a couple of months before his 5th birthday (when kiwi kids start school). Elena will be over 3 when we get back, so she’ll be off to kindy part time. Which will be a relatively painless transition from her current nursery routine.


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I’m looking at a more kick-in-the-bum french class and hope to take advantage of another writing/publishing event or two in Europe. Luuk will be properly fluent in French come next summer and Elena will be talking and bilingual. She is bilingual now, I suppose, but has a very limited vocabulary… in every language except her own special gobbledy-gook.

We won’t be rushing around quite so madly trying to make the most of every long weekend and holiday. We can have an actual holiday this summer, without thinking of all the places we don’t have time to see.

And though we miss our friends and family, it is easy to put off returning to achy-breaky Christchurch with its inflated rent prices and whatnot. It’s just one year. But maybe things will have settled down. The ratio of demolition:building might be a little less depressing.

Summer has arrived (though it’s brought some lightening and thunder with the heat). We have made a bunch of great friends in France and it will be sad to go, whenever we go, but at least we don’t have to say goodbye to everyone now.

great friends in France

Lots of good friends, though the thing with expats (not all of these are expats, but a few) is that they tend to move away. One farewell down, one more to go.

But we, for now, will stay on, with a lot fewer major changes in our immediate future (a bit of a relief, really).

So, that’s the big news. I will leave you with a musical number starring our big two year old.

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  • Paula

    I´m happy for you guys.

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