The phrase oopsy daisy always makes me think of this scene, from this film which I’ve seen an embarrassing number of times. And since this is my blog, there’s a glimpse into my clearly hugh-grant-addled-brain. Yesterday Luuk came home from work early (snow perks) and we put on Music and Lyrics, another hugh-grant-great. One that we agree on. Luuk doesn’t like Notting Hill.

But despite our differences in hugh-grant-film-preferences, Luuk and I have been married for six years. And on Monday, our anniversary, we both forgot. Fortunately, Luuk’s mother remembered and wished us a happy anniversary via facebook, and so I got woken up with the same greeting. And then I stopped by the butcher later in the day and bought amazing steaks for dinner.

And that was the sum total of our celebration. Yep. Oopsy Daisy. And ah well.

We did look at some photos, trying to remember what we’ve done in past years, to celebrate this auspicious day…

We married in 2007.

getting married

11 March, at St Andrews, Rangiruru, Christchurch.

And then in 2008 we spent a weekend at French Farm (the one opposite Akaroa, on Banks Peninsular, New Zealand… not in France at all. Little did we know.)

1st Anniversary, Hilltop

At Hilltop, on the drive over from Christchurch.

Akaroa Harbour Cruise

We went on a half-day cruise up Akaroa harbour, looking for (and finding) dolphins, seals, shags, etc. We also sampled quite a lot of Barry’s Bay cheese. And took a lot of photos.

In 2009 we probably did do something. But neither of us can remember and apparently took NO photos. Obviously our lives have changed somewhat. Now every minutiae gets photographed. Well, not every minutiae. But there you go. Smart phones have changed the game.

In 2010 we went to a Navigators Camp the weekend of our anniversary. Luuk was working for the organisation at the time, and it was a pretty fun weekend, though not overly romantic.

driving to camp

The drive out to camp… he looks pretty happy to me. I’ll take the credit, why not?

me, at campDon’t I look young and carefree? Little did we know, I was pregnant.

Which explains why the only photos from 2011’s anniversary… are of me and Louis. Breastfeeding. You don’t need to see that.

And then in 2012 we made up for the previous years’ lapses by doing something dramatic and romantic.

5th Anniversary, Eiffel Tower

We went up the Eiffel Tower!

With that in mind, I think we have a few years grace. Just so long as we think of something good in 2017.