Mum and I went on a bit of a shopping mission this afternoon. We both need boots. She drowned hers in Venice – I tell no lies. That’s exactly what happened. True story.

Mine have heels – not very high heels, but high enough to not be flat – and they’re looking rather rough around the toes. And they’re brown.

I’m looking for flat, waterproof boots, with snow in mind. It’s coming. I can feel it in the breeze. And I’m thinking black is very versatile. But then again, I really like purple, and my winter coat is a deep red colour… so I could get dark red boots to match and how chic would that be?

I’m not sure really. I’m not sure I’ve a great definition of chic.

Nonetheless, boot-shopping we went, with chic dreams of course.

I came home with a pair of purple jeans, a red, white and blue check shirt (1 shirt; 3 colours) and a very cool end-of-line blazer by Ralph Lauren! I don’t think I’ve ever owned any actual fancy shmancy label clothes before. Looks good tho!

I also got water-proof gloves (snow is coming), a wind/water-proof jacket for Elena, and socks for Louis.

But no luck on the boots front. I have big calves. Gah! They don’t look big to me. But I always have this problem with boots, so much as I might like to blame the boots, I think it’s probably just me. Maybe soon though, with all this weight I’m losing (and hoping to).

I was very excited to fit into smaller jeans than before and the shirt sits better than they usually do. So I left the shop happy.

Another win on our outing was that I posted off some cards and packages that have been cluttering up the sideboard for, oh, weeks. So hurrah for that.

Luuk was late back tonight because he does the groceries on the way home from work. Traffic was a nightmare, but it was also a huge shop with some exciting new things: a toddler toilet-insert-seat, a step-stool-thing, pull-ups and real undies!

Guess what that means. My little goal: day-dry by Christmas. I know, get real girl; he’s not even two yet. Yeesh.

And then there were some pressies for me:

I’m feeling very spoiled. Not only is this very handy-dandy, but it’s also my favourite colour (tied, of course, with purple). I mean, sure, Luuk gives me a casserole dish, it’s possible he has an ulterior motive or two, but I don’t mind. Slow-cooker recipes are once again within my reach!

We’ve had a lovely couple of days. The weather has been miserable but yesterday we had NZ visitors! They live in Toulouse, as of very recently, and have three kids. We had dinner together yesterday evening and the kids all had a blast.

Despite the age differences, the kids got on spiffingly and this helpful young man even managed to get Louis to eat some of his dinner. His reward: first choice of macaron flavour for dessert.

Us kiwi expats of course had tonnes to catch up on and plenty of notes to compare re:adaptation to France. A few complaints, but we’re not missing Christchurch much. Blame the friggin quakes. The people are lovely, but the ground just keeps on moving.

Bit of a tangent there, but back to les bottes (french for boots, prounounced ‘bots’ like in ‘robots’ – that’s how I remember it, cause it always looks like the transformers have big clunky boots on). The hunt for my perfect pair will go on another day. Might have to make a bargain with myself: no other shopping till I get the boots.


3 thoughts to “où sont mes bottes?

  • Miriam

    Hi Amy, a fashionista once advised that you can get boots expanded at the calves – just find a mr minit/ shoe fixing place – they split them on the lateral side and insert a triangle of wide black elastic – costs $20-30 to do – alternatively go to and put in your calf measurement and buy online – good luck!

  • Michelle

    These guys in the UK are supposed to be very good for wider calves:
    They’re a mail order company so that’s nice and easy 🙂 Good luck!
    (Et aussi, où se trouve mes bottes)

  • Wiedie

    I hear gumboots are ‘in’ this season,

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