We are potty-training! This is all very new to me and I humbly searched the interweb for tips, read six of the top ten hits and was thoroughly disappointed. Other than a couple of lightbulb moments I thought it was all pretty obvious and I came away feeling hardly more prepared than I started.

We have the paraphernalia, and the lolly-stash for rewards/bribes, and wooden floors, so that’s something.

We are doing this gently because I’m not completely convinced my wee man (tehe, wee man) is really ready. So, we have these ‘pants-less sessions’ once or twice a day. We pull the rug up and put the potty centre-stage, and remind him every fifteen minutes or so…

We say things like, “What happens if you do wees in the potty Louis? You get a Lolly.”

To which Louis says things like, “Lolly! Lolly! Lolly!”

To which we say, “When you put something in the potty, darling. When you do the wees in the potty, then you get a Lolly.”

To which he says, “Lolly.”

(To which Luuk says something like, “He’s caught on to just one concept in that sentence.)

Anyway, so far pretty good. No serious messes, no tears, and only a little bit of frustration. He’s oh-so-cute running about with no pants on but I’m not going to share pictures. In fact, I’ve exercised much self control and not taken any. We have had as much success as not and Louis has discovered the joy that is marshmallows!

So, there it is, so far so good. And so far so good in another way – what do you think of my account of it all? I’m trying to be, ah, what’s the word? Delicate? There are enough over-sharing parents on the internet. If you want the full and gory details, google potty training and enjoy!

While Louis is running about in the semi-nick, I’ve been busy…

– doing lots of cooking (I have mastered the art of cream of mushroom soup)

– writing a novel (half way through: the bad guy is about to be revealed as mr.not-nice, and for the first time the heroine is about to consider the good guy as a potential match – oooh…)

– laundry. Lots and lots of laundry. Potty training has, surprisingly, added hardly a thing to this pile, but it’s a never-ending chore.

– planning Louis’ birthday party menu (may have spent just a few minutes/hours on pinterest)

– doing french homework. We are becoming better students again. We will have used up our paid-for lessons by Christmas, so we are trying to make the most of it. Add to that the motivation of an exam next week, and what do you know? We are doing homework more than once a week and not just the day before the lesson.

So that’s us. I’ve disobeyed my own advice for nanowrimo and taken on another project in the same month, but I’m not relying on doing much writing WHILE the kid runs around endangering the upholstery. On the other hand, while he’s sitting on the potty, with Elmo for company: prime writing time!