I have a villain! I’ve never had a villain before. My characters usually battle disembodied evils like fear or loneliness or always being control. There are those things in this story too, and it’s possible my villain will just bring them to the fore, rather than himself being the great evil to overcome. But we’ll see. Have to save some decisions for November.

Which won’t be a problem because so far I have one major first scene, and a handful of possible things that will come out of that. I have a cast of characters with lives intertwined, history and angst, dreams and fears… all that is in a big mess of papers with Louis’s doodles added for good measure.

Last November was the first time I plotted out, scene by scene, a whole novel before writing. I found Nanowrimo really easy after that. So maybe this year will go really smoothly, even with an extra child to juggle now. But it won’t be an empty month. There is at least one party to plan and pull off… perhaps in our tiny little apartment.

Louis is nearly two. I have plans for the cake and a rough idea of a guest list, but we might have to rearrange furniture to all fit in the same room. And we won’t all get seats.

Today is Luuk’s birthday, and Dad’s is next week. Between all the celebrations and nanowrimo (ie. fuel and/or rewards for words might tend edible-ways) I am a little worried about my weight-loss continuing. Even more so since I have apparently plateaued – I am the same this saturday morning as I was last. Eek! I skipped counting calories a couple of days this week, in the wake of horrible nights, so maybe that’s where I went wrong, or maybe this is the normal plateau a couple of months into a new diet. We have been eating LOTS of soup, which is all good in theory, but it’s also been colder and I’ve been hiding out indoors, getting less exercise, so maybe that’s the problem.

Anyway, I’m not gaining, so actually there’s nothing to worry about. And I’m certainly not dieting today. Not every day is a birthday, is a good dieting mantra, but today IS a birthday!

Luuk and I are off to Le Dernier Bar this evening, for fun cocktails and board games and overpriced but hopefully themed food. It’s this really geeky spot in Paris, with all sorts of sci-fi/fantasy paraphernalia from films and television all over the walls. There are games to play while you sample the fare – all geeky themed. Should be hilarious. I’m just gutted I won’t get to see the men’s urinals – something I never though I’d say – but these ones are special: the guys get to “ski” and chase penguins… use your imagination. Or don’t. Up to you.