It’s finished.

I think.

Argh. I hate this bit – the bit where I say, it’s finished, and then inevitably find a typo.

Except I can’t find one and I think it might actually be finished, stupid book.

That’s the other thing I hate about this bit of the process: I’m am getting sick of this book. I’ve read it more times than anyone should probably read it. I read Pride and Prejudice four times when I was fourteen; four times in one year. I’ve read this novel, my novel, more times than that.

Too much.

Surely it’s done.

Which means… query time!

Which means… tighten up that tag line till it’s a freakin’ work of art.


Here’s what I have so far…

Sun Geary hates rugby, and with good reason. Determined to win her, rugby-legend Scott Black must keep his profession a secret. By the time she discovers the truth, giving him up won’t be so easy.


Sun Geary loathes rugby, and with good reason, but when she unwittingly falls for a rugby player, opting out of that world becomes much more difficult.


Sun Geary, the odd one out in her rugby-mad family, would never knowingly fall for a professional rugby player. But when Scott Black let’s it slip that he’s famous, she’s determined to find out why, and by the time she does it’s too late.

Which is best? For voting purposes, let’s call them one, two and three.

I’m also open to advice on vocabulary, syntax… I’ll take all the help I can get.

Now I’m off to work on a succinct synopsis. Probably won’t share that on my blog, because it might give away too much, and then you won’t all rush out and read my book if/when it comes out.

My to-do list tells me I should also do laundry and some french homework – but at least I can tick of blog post. (And both the babies are sleeping – hurrah!)

2 thoughts to “Query Freak Out

  • oddznns

    they say you need to keep the agent wanting more… so what intrigues me is why sun has a good reason to hare rugby. as for the difference between one and two…I think two reads easier. if you do one… you need to make the relationship more of a conflict.

  • Roland Clarke

    I prefer ONE as it has the hook without giving anything much away plus it introduces two main characters.

    However you could steal odd words/phrases from other two if they add more – for instance 3 hints at more mystery to rugby legend hiding truth and not just he wants to win her.

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