Well, Louis is eating some things, some evenings. It’s no quick fix this whole toddler food dealio… but I’m sure it doesn’t help that I haven’t read the book yet. I mean to, I do, but I’m reading two other good books at the moment (An Austen Spin-off and an Alien Invasion) and competition is rough.

Back to the food. We’ve been good: sitting down all together, trying not to make a big deal out of whether he eats (or not) and what he eats, how much and how exactly. Louis is 2 and tends to say no to new things, up front, but given ten minutes to look at it he gets curious.

At breakfast and lunch he has no problem. I’ve introduced a few new things, he’ll try fruit and nuts, even cheese on toast. But that gets a bit boring for me (and he’s most likely to be adventurous when I’m eating the same thing) so yesterday I treated myself to these marvels…

stuffed mushrooms of awesomeness!

Mushrooms stuffed with hummus, sundried tomatoes, spinach and cold, cooked chicken. All baked together with a bit of cheese on top. So very very good.

I offered them to Louis. He said ‘No merci’ and I said, ‘Ah well, more for me.’ And then something along the lines of ‘Nom nom nom.’

As to dinner, we’re having mixed results. Louis has tried rice quite a few times and last night finally ate a whole meal of it. He tried fish last night, but wasn’t a fan. Still, we’ll try it again. It was a first. He had spinach, but it was hidden in a pastry scroll thing with mozzarella and pesto… so possibly doesn’t count. Last night was actually a big success.

The night before however, he ate nothing for dinner. Not a thing. I try to put something in each course that appeals, something familiar, or a twist on something I know he loves. So first course was carrots, oranges and lettuce, in a salad of sorts. He adores oranges, but these were blood orange and looked slightly different. The carrots were soft and tossed in orange juice. He would have loved them… if he would just PUT ONE IN HIS MOUTH! But that didn’t happen.

And then main course was bœuf bourguignon, always a long shot, but on the side were chips made from sweet potato. He likes chips, so long as there’s tomato sauce. But he wouldn’t touch these weird orange chips. If he’d just try them, I’m sure he’d love them. So sweet and soft and good… but no.

So no dessert for Louis. Somehow he slept through the night. Must have been starving by breakfast.

A success earlier in the week was a variation on sushi or rice-balls. I made it up because I knew that putting the avocado in the middle of plain rice ball wouldn’t work. Louis would eat the rice and skip the green mushy bit. So I mixed the avocado with the rice, and some cream cheese as well, then Louis helped me ball them up (ie. made a huge sticky mess of the kitchen floor). But he ate them!

Rice balls

Louis and his rice balls.

Other than dreaming up delicious food for my toddler to refuse (though Elena is enjoying it ALL), I’ve basically been a social butterfly, or a studious writer this week. I’ve had visitors every day and more this afternoon, which is lovely. And then I’ve been writing, and wanting to do more writing.

Which is why I’m going to cut the blog post short today and just put some videos of the kids, which are mainly for my family on the other side of the world, who ask for stuff like this.

teaching elena essentials, like how to make a motorbike go, and not to touch her brother’s things.

and to play ball.