The snow has frozen solid but it’s a clear day. Staying in until french lesson this avo – which will be a lovely catch up as well as, you know, a useful language to learn if you live in france…

Small stone, aujourd’hui:

Nothing clears a tear duct like fresh cut shallots. In the unlikely event this fails, use them to make soup and there’s some solace.

Having soup for the second day in a row. Love winter, and eating sensibly, and deliciously, and fitting into jeans several sizes smaller than I did just six months ago. Also quite fond of soup, in case that was less than clear. Last night it was cream of mushroom (with a tablespoon each of greek yoghurt and cream cheese for the ‘cream’ bit, then pureed all together and fresh baguette on the side) and today it’s cream of courgette done pretty much the same way. Three courgettes and two little taties, instead of a dozen mushrooms, and voila!

Anyway, must keep working on this rewrite. Am reading over outline and notes and writing more notes of all my ideas, questions, etc. At some point in the near future I’ll need to make sense of all this. Yikes. With any luck I can get this to sing, you know, emotionally. Perhaps will elicit tears with something other than shallots.